It’s that time of year again! Layering season is here and that means that it’s also sweater weather. If you’re a parent, then you already know how particular kids can be about sweaters, layering them, and actually wearing what you buy. 

At Meant2Be Kids, we make a point of carrying sweaters for kids of all ages. We also make a point of making it easy for parents to get the wardrobe they need at a price they like. If you want to get some cute sweaters, we have you covered. Our guide will walk you through the entire process.

Why sweaters?

People have been buying sweaters for kids since time immemorial. Sweaters, be it sweatshirts or cardigans or pullovers, have been a staple of fall, winter, and spring wardrobes for centuries. They are low maintenance, easy to wear, and also can work with almost any outfit. 

Simply put, a sweater is a very basic part of a person’s wardrobe regardless of the age they are at. It’s a great gift for Christmas and also tends to be a herald of fall weather. Sweaters are just good purchases, plain and simple.  

Before we begin, let’s talk about how to shop for sweaters for your child.

Every child is different, so we advise parents to use their discretion when it comes to the clothing they buy. You know your child better than we do. However, we can still offer some quick shopping tips for parents and relatives who want to get a cute sweater for their little one:

  • If your child is on the spectrum or has a sensory issue, it may be best to go shopping in person or stick to materials you know they like. Children who have sensory-related triggers can be incredibly picky about their clothing. You know your child best. Do what you think is best. If you are willing to give online shopping a try, make sure that the store in question has a good returns policy like Meant2Be Kids. 
  • Choose a wide variety of thicknesses. Thin sweaters are great for layering and adding a stylish indoors-only twist to a look. On the other hand, thick sweaters are perfect for days out hiking, skiing, or doing things in frosty cold. Fall can have both types of weather. 
  • Keep an eye on the material of the sweater. Materials matter when it comes to sweaters—more so than most other clothing items. Unless you are okay with a sweater that pills up at the drop of a hat, you’ll stick to high-end cottons and wools. 
  • Consider choosing a size up. Kids grow fast, and sweaters can shrink. This is doubly true if you are in that stage of life where your child is just starting to learn how to use the washing machine. Do yourself a favor and go a size up or two. 
  • Choose sweaters in neutral colors, plus one or two colorful choices. Neutral colors can be paired with anything and still look good. Colors? Not so much. If you want to make the most of your ability to work your child’s wardrobe, you will stock up on neutral sweaters or stick to a core set of colors. Neutrals also have the added perk of working with a wider range of seasons than “color colors.”
  • Always remember that your child will be the one who wears the clothing, not you. Children can be very picky about their clothing. What is deemed to be “cool” by one school won’t be considered cool in another. At the end of the day, you want your child to be happy and confident in their clothing. So, let them have the final say when it comes to their wardrobe. 
  • Make a point of buying sweaters from places that have a good return policy. Sweaters can be very “hit or miss” with kids. For some reason, sizing for this can vary greatly in the sweater department. We strongly encourage you to check the returns policy and double-check the size charts for each brand you get.
  • Ask the child’s parents if you want to gift a child a sweater. Parents will be able to point you to the right style for your favorite little one. They also, of course, can help point out which size you should buy. Clothing is never something you should “eyeball” or buy based off the child’s age!

  • Let’s take a look at the coolest sweaters for kids at Meant2Be Kids!

    Now that we’ve gone over our shopping tips, it’s time to take a look at the layer-friendly sweaters hitting store shelves this year. We think you’re going to like our picks below. 

    Katie J Mara Sweater

    If you are looking for a girls sweater, then you already should know that Katie J is one of the most popular brands for girls. Their Mara sweater remains one of the most popular sweaters for kids on our site—and rightfully so. 

    Available in a wide range of different colors, this snuggly soft sweater can be dressed up or down with ease. We love it in charcoal, but you can also get it in two different pinks, a light baby blue, black, navy, and off-white. 

    Katie J Gabby Cable Knit Sweater

    Cable knit sweaters are all the rage, especially when they come from such a popular designer. Katie J knocks it out of the park with this piece. Available in multiple colors, the Gabby Cable Knit Sweater has the perfect look for tweens and teens. 

    If you are looking for a great piece that will work well for later fall into winter, you can’t go wrong with this one. Your daughter will love it. 

    Nununu All Inked Zip Hoodie

    We can’t have an article about sweaters for kids without providing some interesting picks for boys. Nununu has awesome boys sweaters that can also be worn by girls—and some of those sweaters are offered up in the form of a zip hoodie. 

    This sweatshirt-hoodie is a great example of a good choice for kids who want something a little punk, a little light, and just sporty enough to be effortlessly cool. The tattoo design will definitely catch eyes at school—and we mean that in a good way. 

    Rowdy Sprout Rolling Stone Sweatshirt

    Love it or hate it, rock and roll will never die. This “hoodie” is great for crisp fall days when your son wants to look a little extra edgy. Ideal for days when your kiddo needs something lighter to go with a jean jacket, this piece will make your child a star. 

    Admittedly, it’s actually a sweatshirt more than a sweater, but since it is so stylish, we decided to include it on this list. 

    Nununu All Knit Cardigan

    It can be tough to find a sweater that boys will wear, but this knit cardigan might just make the cut—even for kids who love a little extra “edge” to their wardrobes. Nununu created a beautiful gender-neutral cardigan that works with a wide range of different styles. 

    Because it’s designed with inclusivity in mind, the All Knit Cardigan is made to flatter all types of kids. Oh, and it also has some cool designs woven into the cardigan, so your kiddo won’t feel like they’re overly frilly while they wear it. 

    Flowers by Zoe Open Knit Sweater

    There’s something incredibly appealing about being able to wear a sweater that feels like it was knit just for you. Flowers by Zoe is a brand that understands that, which is why they made this breathable piece for girls of all ages. 

    If your daughter wants a classic sweater that works with almost any outfit, she’ll like this. It’s available in a hot loud pink, ivory, and black. So, you’ll be able to find a sweater that works with her personal style. 

    Tweenstyle Knit Cardigan

    Is your daughter a tween with a penchant for preppy style? If so, Tweenstyle is a brand she probably already knows and loves. Unsurprisingly, they make some of the best preppy sweaters for kids on the market. 

    This time around, Tweenstyle created a solid black cardigan with a delicate knit pattern on it. It’s subtle and has a mature look that will work well in school photos. If your daughter is a fan of classic styles that can grow along with her, then she’ll want this cardigan. 

    The Katie J Claire Cardi/Cami Set

    One of the easiest ways to save big on clothing for children is to get sets that involve cute sweaters for kids paired with other layer-friendly items. Katie J makes it easy to snag savings. You can thank Katie J for coming up with an adorable matching cardigan and camisole set. 

    The Claire Cardi/Cami set comes in an argyle pattern in full baby blue. It’s perfect for the girl who wants to dress up or down. This set is also designed for transitional weather, so you can use it in spring and fall alike. 

    Flowers by Zoe Cinch Front Sweater

    Do you have a daughter who wants to make sure she doesn’t look like she belongs in typical sweaters for kids? A lot of younger kids want to have a more teenage look, and that can be done with the right sweater. 

    The Flowers by Zoe Cinch Front Sweater looks like it’s for a teenager, but actually is made for younger girls. It’s perfect for the little sister who wants to have a more teen-style wardrobe like her big sister. 

    Imogda Diana Cardigan

    Cardigans are a perfect choice for young girls that want to look proper and sweet during transitional seasons like fall and spring. If you’re looking for a warm yet conservative cardigan sweater for your young daughter, you might want to check out the Diana Cardigan. 

    Made in a beautiful snowy white color, this cardigan is perfect for church outings and days when you need to look extra fancy. Daughters who are fans of the Fancy Nancy book series will undoubtedly love this cardigan, too!

    Chaser Kids Pullover Sweater - One Love

    Pullovers are one of the more popular types of sweaters for kids, especially during those days when they wake up late for school and have to throw something on. If your child isn’t a big fan of layering, a pullover makes a lot more sense than a cardigan. 

    If you want something that’s easy to pair with classic American brands like Aviator Nation, then you might want to check out Chaser Kids. They have several pullover sweaters that are perfect for fans of retro-chic styling. 

    Nununu Baby Faded Star Zip Hoodie And Sweats Set

    Finally, we’re going to grab one more unisex sweater set for babies and young toddlers that want to be toasty during fall. Nununu does it again with another cute sweat set that is designed for colder weather. 

    The Faded Star Zip Hoodie and Sweats Set is designed for children under the age of four years old. It features an adorable (and trendy) khaki color hoodie with faded star prints. It’s edgy, but cute. Then again, that’s to be expected from a brand like Nununu!

    Are you searching for the best possible sweaters for kids that love fashion?

    Fashion can make a school year into an amazing, memorable part of a child’s life. If you want to make sure your child enjoys the best that life has to give them, starting them off with high quality clothes is a great way to do it. 

    At Meant2Be Kids, we understand how magical the right sweater can be. We also understand how much parents care about keeping their kids warm during colder weather. That’s why we work diligently at finding the very best sweaters and clothing brands for kids. 

    Need a little help finding the right sweater for the occasion? Struggling with sizing your toddler’s clothing? Don’t worry. We are here for that, too. Our customer service is the best in the industry, which is why people rely on us when they want the best. Happy shopping!