Shopping for children can be hard, not to mention expensive– as soon as you get them a new wardrobe, they grow out of it! Luckily we have compiled a list of ways to get top quality clothes for kids without breaking the bank. 


Finding Summer Clothes for Kids: A Comprehensive Guide

As the warm summer months approach, parents are often faced with the challenge of finding high-quality yet budget-friendly clothing options for their children. You want your kids to be cool, comfortable and fashionable without breaking the bank, and that can be hard! 

The task becomes even more significant when catering to a range of age groups, from toddlers to elementary school students. This comprehensive guide will explore various strategies and sources to help parents discover top-quality, affordable summer clothes so your kids can beat the heat in style, no matter what age! 


The Key to Saving on Boys and Girls Clothes? Plan Ahead

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best time to shop for kids' summer clothes is at the end of fall and winter. Shopping off-season is a great way to get top quality items at lower prices. But this requires a fair amount of planning ahead. 

Before diving into the various options available, it's essential to highlight the significance of planning ahead. Any big seasonal change, such as the start of summer or the back-to-school season tends to bring with it a rush for shopping.

This means retailers are offering potentially higher prices on seasonal clothes, as well as limited availability. If you like to do your shopping in-person, you will find empty racks and crowded stores. Who wants that? If you shop online, you may still be confronted with inflated prices. 

By planning ahead and buying new children’s clothes on the off season, parents can take advantage of sales, discounts, and clearance offers. Shopping off-season or well in advance can yield significant savings on summer clothes and back-to-school essentials, as well as anything else your kid will grow out of– such as winter coats and snow boots, or rain boots. When it comes to saving money on quality kids clothes, planning counts! 

Online Retailers: Convenience and Variety

A quick Google search will show you that over 75% of American adults shop online, and that number is expected to grow within the next decade. The reason for this is simple, online retail is awesome! This is especially true for children’s clothes, which used to be limited to only what you could buy in the brick and mortar stores near you. 

But the surge of online retailers have revolutionized the way we shop, providing convenience and a vast array of options. There are the big name kids clothing companies that have been around for years, as well as online retailers that carry children’s clothing, such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Old Navy. While these stores offer a wide variety of clothing for different age groups, they lack a personal touch and tend to be mass produced items of lower quality. 

However, there are lots of children’s clothing online retailers that offer top notch clothes at reasonable prices, even designer kids clothes! Meant2Be Kids Clothing is a great example.

Their website offers a wide variety of quality children’s clothing for different age groups. They also often feature exclusive online deals, discounts, and free shipping options, making it easier for parents to find quality clothes at affordable prices. 

If you find an online kids clothing store you really like, be sure to sign up for their newsletter and follow the retailers on social media. This can help parents stay informed about upcoming sales events and promotions, saving even more money on boys and girls fashions. 


Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops: Hidden Treasures

Thrift stores and consignment shops get a bad rep, and it's a shame because these places are treasure troves for parents seeking high-quality clothing at significantly reduced prices. 

No matter how much your child loves their favorite shirt or dress, they will grow out of it soon! If the item gets sent to a thrift store, another child can love it. Not only do Thrift stores and Consignment shops provide great clothes at low prices, they also help reduce waste.

By saving a beloved shirt or dress from the landfill, you prevent some of the enormous waste that is created by the fast-fashion industry. Better for your wallet, and better for the planet! 

If the idea of gently used clothes makes you squeamish, consider that items given to most shops are carefully vetted for quality, including cleanliness. There are thousands of top quality kids consignment stores that carry gently used or even brand-new items that kids can wear during the summer or as back-to-school attire.

While the selection might require a bit more effort to sort through, these online and in person retailers offer curated collections of gently worn, well-maintained items, allowing parents to strike a balance between quality and affordability.


Garage Sales, Local Markets and other Community Finds

As previously mentioned, kids grow out of clothes and shoes fast. There are lots of other parents out there in the same position you are– with a pile of basically new boys and girls clothes that don’t fit, and needing new kids clothes that do.

Thats why its a good idea to consider looking for some kids clothes sales in garage sales and other local markets like “buy nothing” meetups and Facebook marketplace. 

Garage sales and local markets can be unexpected sources of affordable summer and back-to-school clothes for kids, and with Facebook marketplace and similar sites you can browse these items from the comfort of your home! 

Many families use these venues to sell clothes their children have outgrown or items that were bought in excess. It doesn’t mean that the clothes are undesirable– just too small! Bargaining at garage sales can lead to remarkable deals, and local markets often showcase unique handmade or locally sourced clothing options. You and your children can browse to create a unique style all their own without breaking the bank. 

These options also foster a sense of community engagement, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and personal. Some places, such as buy nothing markets, are open for trading kids clothes for other items you don’t use. It doesn’t get much more affordable and eco-friendly than that! 


Outlet Stores, Off-Price Department Stores and other places for Budget-Friendly Children’s Clothes

Discount and outlet stores are renowned for offering brand-name clothing at significantly lower prices than traditional retail stores, but only in person. If you are willing and able to go to a brick and mortar store for boys and girls summer fashions, then these stores are a great choice for new clothes. 

Off-Price Department stores can be found all over the country, and they offer steeply discounted children’s clothes which are still of excellent quality. Off-Price Department stores such as T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross Dress for Less are excellent examples of places where parents can find stylish summer clothes and back-to-school outfits without breaking the bank. These stores frequently have dedicated kids' sections, making it easier to browse and find suitable options.

Outlet stores, such as GAP outlet or Old Navy Outlet stores, offer children’s clothes at lower prices. But be warned– the reason that these items go directly to the outlet is because they are usually flawed in some way. That might not be an issue for minor things, such as a misprinted shirt, but it is something to consider. 


Sales Events and Clearance Sections Maximize Savings

Remember what we said earlier about timing? Many stores, including thrift shops and online retailers, have regular sales events. These opportunities can be goldmines for budget-conscious parents looking to buy some summer clothes for their kids. 

Usually these sales fall on major holidays, such as Labor Day and Fourth of July, and are often accompanied by significant sales on boys and girls clothing items. These sales can be compounded by buying off-season items. For online children's clothing outlets, these sales can happen anytime and because they do not have to pay overhead of a physical location, these items can be offered at a steeper discount.

For those looking for year-round savings, consider shopping in the clearance section. Both brick and mortar as well as online children’s clothing stores have dedicated sections to clearance items. Often there is nothing wrong with these items– they are either a surplus or out of season. This means you can get substantial discounts on summer clothing as the season draws to a close. Keeping an eye out for these opportunities can lead to substantial savings while still securing high-quality clothing for kids.


EXTRA TIP: Consider DIY and Personalization To Give Your Kids Clothes Added Style 

One final note about kids' clothing. The best way to save money and give your kid personal style is to consider some DIY upgrades! 

Parents with a knack for crafting can explore DIY options to create personalized summer and back-to-school clothes for their kids. This approach not only ensures affordability but also adds a unique touch to the clothing. 

While some people are talented enough with a sewing machine to take in hems and even create whole clothing items, you don’t have to be a master seamstress to create fun upgrades for your kids' clothes. It can be anything from embellishing plain t-shirts with fabric pens to customizing backpacks with fun patches and stickers!

There is a wide array of clothes-based kids projects online that require minimal sewing. And the summer is a great time to teach your kids how to tie dye their own clothes– creating a funky pattern as unique as they are! 

DIY projects can be an enjoyable and budget-friendly way to cater to your child's style preferences. Websites like Pinterest offer a plethora of inspiration and tutorials to guide parents through their creative endeavors. But at the end of the day kids can only work with what you give them, so it's important to make sure that they have clothes they feel happy and comfortable in. 


Finding Boys and Girls Clothes Perfect for Summertime! 

We hope this list has made shopping for children’s clothes a little less stressful! Whether you have a toddler or an elementary schooler, it can be hard to find just the right fit in kids clothes. But it is a constant task of parenthood– once you find clothes your little one loves, they grow out of them!  

Navigating the world of affordable yet top-quality summer and back-to-school clothes for kids requires a combination of strategy, research, and creativity. By planning ahead and exploring online retailers such as Meant2BeKids, you can find the perfect clothes for your little one. Whether you have a boy or girl, Meant2Be Kids offers top quality clothing at affordable prices.  

Purchasing kids' clothes online offers unmatched convenience and variety. Meant2Be Kids offers a vast range of options, catering to different ages, styles, and budgets. Shopping online saves time and eliminates the need to navigate physical stores with kids in tow, which all parents know can be difficult. 

MeantBe gives access to user reviews, size guides, and detailed product information to enhance decision-making. They also offer a wide range of sizes not usually found in stores. Meant2Be Kids offers exclusive discounts, sales, and free shipping to maximize savings.

With doorstep delivery, parents can effortlessly browse, compare, and choose from a plethora of options, making online shopping an efficient and stress-free way to find quality kids' clothing.

You can also find fun fashions for your children by visiting kids clothing consignment stores, and attending local buy-nothing groups in your community. When in doubt, you can always head over to a discount shopping outlet or keep your eyes peeled for a great sale on kids clothes! 

By using these tips parents can strike the perfect balance between budget constraints and providing their children with stylish and comfortable attire.

With the myriad of options available, ensuring that kids are dressed for summer or prepared for the upcoming school year can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience!