It’s fall, and that means that there is going to be a demand for cozy clothing. For many of us, fall is one of the greatest times of the year. It’s a time of cider, pumpkin pie, Halloween, and bonfires. So, why not dress your little one up for the occasion? 

Babies are always cute as a button, but when you add the right outfit to your tot, it’s overwhelmingly adorable. You might be wondering what you can wear for your next fall photoshoot, or your next fall outing. 

At Meant2Be Kids, we understand the desire to get kids ready for an Instagram-worthy event. This is true with babies, too. To help out new parents, we came up with the ultimate guide for babies in need of a cute fall outfit. 

Before we begin, let’s talk about shopping tips.

One of the best things about shopping for babies is that parents get to make the call on what their kids wear. So, unlike other typical kids clothing shopping, you don’t have to worry about kids being upset over what they wear. 

Though you might not have to worry about them groaning about how uncool something looks, you still have to be realistic about shopping for them. These can help:

  • Babies under six months do not do well in clothes that force them to have stuff over their heads. It can be traumatic for the little ones. Gowns and front button shirts tend to be a better choice. 
  • If your child is still in the “frequent pooping” stage, then you should consider clothing that makes diaper changing easy. Easy access will leave you with fewer headaches. 
  • Breathable materials like cotton are best. Flannel and other soft, snuggly fabrics are better for chillier fall days. 
  • Babies can start wearing onesies between four to eight months. You will know your baby’s development better than we do. We trust you to use your best judgment here. 
  • Invest in jackets and sweaters. Now that it’s fall, your baby will need to have a little protection against the cold. 
  • Hats are still required, especially if your little one doesn’t have much hair. Though the fall sun might not be as harsh as summer sun, it can still burn sensitive skin if you stay out for too long. 
  • Avoid zippers, get easy fasteners instead. Zippers can pinch babies, causing a very loud protest…not to mention an injury, too. 
  • Layering should mirror what you wear. If you find it to be a “jeans and a tee shirt” day, then don’t overlayer your baby. Stick to one layer when you’re wearing one layer. On the other hand, if you’re wearing two or three, give your baby two or three layers too.
  • Make sure any buttons or trim on baby clothes are heavily affixed to the outfit. Babies love to pull off trim and buttons, just to eat them. This can result in a costly hospital bill. When in doubt, choose a no-frills outfit instead. 
  • Babies can grow fast, so don’t be afraid to go up a size if necessary. Some babies seem to shoot up like sprouts. If your little one is working hard on being a big one, going up a size is a good way to make sure they are able to wear an outfit the entire season. This is doubly true if they are five months or 11 months old. 
  • If you are buying an outfit for a baby, ask about sizing. When in doubt, parents will be happy to tell you. If you know that a brand runs a bit small, size up one size or just refer to customer service for help. 
  • A good return policy can be a life saver if you are buying a gift. Make sure to keep that receipt!
  • Actually, if you are buying for a baby shower, make sure to stick to newborn items. Clothing is a classic pick for baby shower gifts. If your friend’s baby is almost due, getting clothes in newborn to six month sizes will work best. Trust us, your friend will appreciate it. 

  • How do you make sure a baby’s outfit is fall-ready?

    Fall is one of those seasons that can be quite bipolar. On one hand, it can be warm and balmy like summer. On the other, it can be just as frigid as winter. As a result, fall clothing tends to need a little flexibility. It’s best to choose clothes that are easy to take on or off. 

    Another major feature to look into is the material. Fleeces are best for colder weather, but you should also look into cotton knits for layering purposes. We suggest using multiple thinner layers than large, bulky thick ones. 

    Finally, you want to get a fall wardrobe that also gives you that “autumn vibe.” A wardrobe rich in neutral colors, greens, reds, yellows, and oranges can help bring your little one into the fall spirit—but at the end of the day, it’s up to you. 

    What are the hottest fall fashions for babies today?

    Now that we’ve gone a little into the awesomeness that is baby fall fashion, let’s take a look at the outfits designers and magazines have been swearing by. 

    Cute Knitted Hats

    Knitted hats are basically a staple of autumn, no matter what age you happen to be. When it comes to babywear, fall fashions for babies include hats that are knitted and feature cute colors reminiscent of fallen leaves. 

    This adorable knit beanie from Nununu is a great example of a baby fashion item that will work great for fall. The neutral of the mocha is perfect for the season!

    Inked Neutrals

    Back in the day, tattoos were meant for people who were on the fringes of society. They were a sign that you were a bad boy, or a wild child. Today, many top designers are starting to get into the habit of tattoo-inspired clothing designs for kids. 

    One of the hotter fall fashion concepts for babies and toddlers deals with tattoo-inspired prints. Nununu makes an amazing two-piece set for both older babies and toddlers. Don’t worry, your little one will still look like a perfect angel in it. 

    Classic Plaid Print

    With all the focus on modern clothing these days, it’s not surprising to hear that many parents are fatigued from all the “hypebeast-style” looks on the market. Sometimes, you just want your baby to be an old-fashioned baby in cute, timeless clothing. 

    That’s why a lot of parents are turning to classic plaid prints or simple neutral color rompers. Angel Dear has an adorable romper that remains as timeless as you could ever hope for—and it’s got the cutest little buttons!

    Matching Sweat Sets

    In many parts of the country, fall marks the time when weather starts to get chilly and the first snowfalls happen. Needless to say, layered plaid might not always be the best way to handle cold in these areas. Sweats can often turn into the best shield against nippy weather. 

    It’s easy to make sweats look a little…uncoordinated. That’s why parents are choosing to buy matching sweat sets instead of individual pieces. We suggest picking up a sweat set with buttons and a little bit of Halloween edge—like this one from Nununu

    Simple Jumpsuits

    When your baby is right on the edge of becoming a toddler, watch out! They are going to be getting ready to walk, play, and crawl all over the place. It’s important to make sure that they have the right outfits for the moment. 

    When you’re trying to layer up and you have a squirmy baby, jumpsuits are often your best friend. You might as well get a jumpsuit that works with everything and remains easy to layer. This ecru-colored jumpsuit from 1+ In The Family is a great example of a good pick for a fall wardrobe.

    Dusty-Hued Baby Bubbles

    Contrary to popular belief, dusty pink (and dusty pastel orange) are not colors solely relegated to the springtime. They are also great picks for early fall or early winter. It’s all about how you dress them up. 

    This adorable baby bubble dress from Angel Dear is a great example of a fall-ready baby bubble that can be layered with a small cardigan or blanket. It’s perfectly photo-ready and is ideal for babies that love to show off their pretty princess side.

    Zipper Rompers

    While metal zippers are not advisable, plastic baby-safe ones are. And that means good things for parents who want something that makes diaper changing easy to do. Zipper rompers are one of the easiest outfits for kids to wear. 

    If you are going to jump on the zipper romper bandwagon, you might as well find something that screams fall weather. What could be better than a Halloween-themed romper? This cute one by Angel Dear has adorable little jack o’ lanterns all over it. Spooky, but it’s scary cute!


    Remember when we mentioned that layers are the way to go during the fall? Cardigans are the easiest way to do it, and they are amazing during this season. Cardigans offer an easy way for parents to dress their kiddos in a hurry, but also remain fairly formal-looking. 

    A good cardigan will look just as appropriate at a baptism as it would as part of a family photo. We suggest getting a soft, snuggly, and breathable cardigan in a neutral color. Tutu Du Monde has a gorgeous example of a great pick in “milk” color. 

    Matching Tops N’ Bloomer Sets

    Though these are often written off as summerwear, the truth is that tops and bloomers remain a smart pick for fall—especially in warmer climates. These sets are perfect as the “base” for light layering ideal for warmer fall seasons as well as photo opportunities. 

    Matching tops and bloomer sets are a great pick year-round. If you’re going to go for fall, try to find some sets that have traditional fall colors. Angel Dear made a cute set that features orange, pink and green. That’s super autumnal.

    Baby Headbands

    Do you have a newborn daughter? Perhaps you have a little one who is just under four months of age. In this case, you might want to seize the opportunity to get a headband for those first family photos. During the fall months, it makes sense to get a headband that has fall colors. 

    Thankfully, Oh Baby has you covered with a perfectly comfortable gauze headband with a gorgeous coral-colored bow. It’s just pink enough to denote a girl, but also has that orange undertone that makes it perfect for woodsy-outdoorsy outings. 

    Footie Pajamas

    When you’re feeling the crispness of fall air, there are few things as simple for covering up as a pajama onesie. Footie pajamas are a popular choice for new parents because they are easy to work with regardless of the weather. 

    If you want to add a nice, easy touch to your baby’s fall wardrobe or just give them something snuggly for their nighttime slumber, get some footie pajamas. They’re timeless for a reason. They are adorable, easy to work with, and look good in photos. 

    You really can’t go wrong with any brand of footie pajamas. However, Marcaron + Me makes an adorable piece in a bold cinnamon shade.

    Need a little help shopping for fall?

    Fall fashions are fairly timeless for both adults and babies, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t end up needing a little help from time to time. Finding the right size and the right outfit for a special occasion can be difficult, even if you are an experienced parent. 

    Shopping for babies can be tricky, especially when it comes to online stores. Going to the right store can make all the difference between an amazing outfit and a world of disappointment. If you need any help finding the right ‘fit, give our customer service reps a call. 

    At Meant2Be Kids, we understand kids’ clothing. That includes fall fashions for babies, toddlers, and even teens.