When you’re a regular student, you’re going to want to look stylish. You may even make a point of choosing clothes that can restrict movement or that are a little extra warm. But, certain activities can change that preference fast. 

Nothing quite changes your interest in clothing like being part of a sports team. With all the practice, sweating, and running you do, you’re bound to make a huge mess of typical clothes. In other words, athletes are going to need clothes that can be just as action-ready as they are!

This is doubly true when your child is a teen athlete. Varsity doesn’t sleep, and neither should your clothes. The question is, what are the best clothing brands for teen athletes out there? We did the research for you. 

What makes a brand good for a teenage athlete?

Every teenager is different. Those teenage years are a time of self-exploration and actually coming into your own personality. To that point, it’s important to remember to take your child’s tastes into account when shopping. 

With that said, there are definitely some things that make a brand more athlete-friendly than others. These include:

  • Sporty designs. You can always tell who’s more likely to be sporty by what they wear. Sporty designs are streamlined, fun, and bold. They often borrow from sport fashions of yore, have colorful designs, and more. 
  • Fit. If you’ve ever played sports, then you already know that you want to have clothes that also fit you well. Sports players may be more muscular than regular kids, or just a bit leaner. Choosing brands that are made to fit on active groups can help. 
  • Material. Athletes are famous for getting dirty in the mud—and not just in their training uniforms. If you want to make sure you don’t lose your sanity, you’ll get clothes that are made for outdoor fun. (Hint: that means the material will be easy to clean.)
  • Breathability. Whether it’s going for a jog or just hanging out with teammates, athletic crowds tend to do things that stir up a sweat. Breathable materials, like cottons, can help them do it all without fainting from high temperatures. 
  • Style. Like any other group of teens, your teenager is going to want to look cool in their gear. If it doesn’t look effortlessly chic, your kiddo might not want to wear it at all!

  • Now that we’ve gone over that, we’ll do a little shopping advice and then hit the ground running on cool athlete styles. 

    What should you know about shopping for teenagers?

    Let’s face it: few people will care about clothing as much as a teenager does. Teens live for their clothing and to a point, clothing can also dictate who your teen hangs out with when they’re at school. Let’s talk about what every parent should keep in mind:

  • Trends can vary from school to school. There is no “one size fits all” about teen trends these days. It’s important to keep an eye on what’s popular among teens at your child’s school when you pick out outfits for them. In many cases, kids are perfectly happy just dressing a certain way to fit in .
  • Most teenagers have slower growth than younger children. They’re no longer shooting up like sprouts! Once puberty hits, you’ll be lucky to see your child grow more than three inches taller. So, you don’t need to worry about going up a size in most cases. They’re pretty much done growing and sizes tend to be more predictable. 
  • Some teens may also want to try adult clothing brands. This doesn’t always work well, since teen/junior clothes are still tailored to better suit younger frames. Most of the time, fashion houses will gear adult clothes for people who are fully matured at around 22 years of age. 
  • Investing in clothing your kids care about can get them more excited about laundry. Or rather, it can encourage them not to ruin their clothes and read the tag’s instructions. If you’ve struggled to have your teenager do their laundry correctly, this is a good way to make it happen. 
  • Though you may have your preferences, your teenager should be the one in charge of their wardrobe. This may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. Clothes can be a huge confidence-booster in a teenager—or anyone, really. If your teen doesn’t want to wear something or hates it, they won’t want to wear it. It could even lead to them feeling insecure. Let your child have the final say on what they wear. Your wallet and child will both thank you. 

  • Is your child built for teen clothing?

    Teen clothing is a bit of a misnomer. This is a clothing sizing setup that is meant for slightly shorter, thinner frames than a typical adult. Teen clothing also has thinner midsections, rear ends, and thighs, particularly for women. 

    If you aren’t sure whether your child will fit in teen clothing, check their growth charts. Average to above-average sizes tend to do better in adult clothing. On a similar note, plus sized teen clothing is a genre all its own. 

    When in doubt, ask a customer service rep about the best sizing for your teen. It can be a sticky life stage, so it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to sizing and clothing categories. 

    What clothing brands for teen athletes do we suggest buying?

    Now, it’s important to remember that sports uniforms are not going to be the same as the clothes they wear day-to-day. Here are our picks for teens who are sporty, chill, and ready to kick back after school. 


    Nununu is one of the most popular sporty-themed design houses to make it to the children’s circuit. It’s an honor that was rightfully earned, too. This woman-led design house is famous for breaking through typical childrenswear stereotypes to deliver edgy, awesome, and striking designs that parents and kids love. 

    This brand is excellent for parents who want to offer their child a gender-neutral wardrobe, or for parents who just want to let their kids live a little edgy during their high school experience. Between the great materials, slick designs, and comfortable wear, it’s easy to see why your teen will love Nununu. 

    Bonus: It’s worth noting that this particular design house has adult sizes too! So, it’s a brand that they absolutely can grow into, if they want to. 


    Are you searching for a brand that understands that fine balance between chic outerwear and durability? BlankNYC might be the best pick for you and your teenage daughter. This upscale brand is famous for working its magic on the runway. 

    Like Nununu, BlankNYC is a design house that features sizes for tweens, teens, and adults. This makes it a great choice for kids who want to grow into a more mature look, as well as parents who want to have clothing that gets their own personal seal of approval. 

    Teenagers and tweens who want to look a little extra edgy (almost goth) might find this to be their new go-to designer. It looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine.

    Californian Vintage

    Is there anything more timelessly youth culture than Cali surf life? We aren’t sure. Californian Vintage offers teenager that effortlessly cool style that makes them look like they belong in a new reboot of The OC. 

    This brand is known for being built for beachy days, but it’s also a favorite among skaters and fans of swimming. If your teen likes to keep the summer vibe all year long, then they’ll adore this particular clothing brand. 

    Better still, they make clothing for both boys and girls. So, it’s a great pick for parents who have multiple teens under one roof. 

    Dori Creations

    Now, we’re starting to get to brands that can actually be worn during certain sports outings. Dori is known for their comfortable, breathable leggings—perfect for quick walks, jogs, and stretch sessions for girls. 

    If your child is part of a triathlon group, you’ll also be happy to hear that Dori Creations makes some seriously durable bike shorts. The shorts and leggings come in a wide range of different colors, so your daughter is bound to find at least one that suits her taste.


    Loud, bold, and proud, Firehouse is all about bringing wild splashes of color to the world of athletic wear. Teens who love bright colors will enjoy this brand, especially during gym class. After all, their sweatpants and tees are precisely what make this brand popular. 

    This is a great brand for teens who want to wear something flashy during gym—or during after school running meets. 

    Tiny Whales

    Not all clothing brands for teens rely on flash or edgy gender-neutral designs to make their looks pop. Tiny Whales is a brand that gears more toward boys and tends to work toward simple, quiet clothing pieces that work well with anything. 

    If you are looking for elegant basic shorts with a nice fit, you will like Tiny Whales. This is an ideal pick for younger teens or tweens with a slightly larger frame. 


    Munster is a clothing brand that we feel is woefully overlooked, and it’s time to change that. This upscale clothing brand is perfect for people who want something casual, sporty, and at the same time, a little global. 

    This is a good clothing brand for teenagers who want something that looks a little gritty, possibly a bit cyberpunk. Since most of their designs are also sweats, they make for a great pick for gym class, too.

    Vintage Havana

    Not to be mistaken for Californian Vintage, Vintage Havana is a name that you might already know. After all, it’s been around since 1954 and became a major name in beachwear ever since. People of all ages love Vintage Havana’s timeless, classic looks. 

    Unsurprisingly, Vintage Havana is a smash hit with teenagers who want to look “island fresh” every day of the year. They have a lot of 50’s inspired surfwear as well as more modern pieces for both boys and girls. When your teen gets big enough, you can also get adult sizes. 

    After all, Vintage Havana is just pure Americana. Adults love it too. 

    Aviator Nation

    Finally, rounding out our list of teen-friendly clothing brands is Aviator Nation. As a parent, you might have a couple of their pieces in your own closet. After all, they originally started out as an adults sportswear lifestyle company. 

    However, it didn’t stay that way for too long. 

    Aviator Nation has a very sleek, vintage-inspired style that is impeccably cool in that effortless kind of way that teens adore. The awesome look of the clothing, paired with its top-tier materials, made it a natural clothing brand for teen athletes around the world. 

    Ideal for the teenager who wants to add a little surfer-camp chic to their wardrobe, it’s easy to see why teens love Aviator Nation. It’s made for the “in crowd” and is totally unapologetic about it, too. 

    Need help shopping for a picky teenager?

    Teenagers are not exactly the easiest people to please. What thrills one will leave another totally cold. Teen trends also can change at the drop of a hat, and even finding the right size can be a hassle. Trust us when we say that we understand how frustrating it can be. 

    After all, we do work in the teen clothing arena. 

    It’s not unusual for parents to need a little help when they’re looking for new items for their teen. This is doubly true when the teenager in question leads an unusually active lifestyle. At Meant2Be Kids, we make a point of offering a wide selection of clothing brands, styles, and sizes. 

    No matter what age your child is, we are going to be able to guide you to great outfits that will give them confidence to be themselves. So, don’t be shy. Give our customer service team a call. We’re here for you.