Luxury kids clothing has never been a more competitive field, and we at Meant2Be Kids know that. It’s an industry that is seeing innovations every single day. One of the newest brands to grab the spotlight is a fledgling brand called Pink Chicken. 

Most parents who hear about Pink Chicken raise an eyebrow at the name. Is it just a little funny joke? Not quite. This luxury kids clothing line has become one of the most popular statement makers among parents who insist on dressing their girls trendy. 

What is Pink Chicken?

Pink Chicken is one of New York’s hottest fashion houses for kids under the age of 16. It’s a fashion house that carefully blends quirkiness with high fashion appeal, then adds a little vintage twist to everything they make. The end result is a fashion look that walks a fine line between timeless and trendy. 

In other words, it’s a “cool kid’s cool kid” in terms of trendy clothing. Parents who want their kids to look extra posh will love Pink Chicken. It’s the type of clothing brand that you would expect to see lining the halls of upscale private schools on a uniform-free day. 

Is branding really that important for kids clothing?

When it comes to clothing, there’s always going to be a certain amount of reliability you will get from brands. No-name clothing tends to be clothing that tears easily, looks awkward, and also lasts for a short period of time. 

Pink Chicken is well made, playground-appropriate, and also looks like it could be on the cover of a high end magazine. That’s why it’s worth the splurge and why parents adore it. It’s a brand that you can clearly see its value. 

How much does Pink Chicken clothing cost?

Pink Chicken kids clothes are not going to be your typical $20 a pop. In most cases, parent should expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $120 a piece. The age of the child’s clothing, the specific line of clothing it is, and the type of clothing can matter. 

If that sounds like a bit of a budget stretch, don’t panic. You can always find a Pink Chicken clothing sale at the right site as long as you’re willing to bide your time. 

Is buying clothing from Pink Chicken worth it?

This all depends on who you ask. Every child (and parent) has their own unique sense of style. For most parents, buying luxury children’s clothing is always a good move because it will help their children fit in at school. Kids who wear luxury clothing are typically happier and more confident. 

It’s hard to say that luxury clothing is a bad purchase, simply because it’s clothing that will last longer than the typical discount store stuff. When you pair that with the cute designs and status that comes with it, it’s a clear investment in your child. 

If your child really loves the designs that Pink Chicken offers, it’s safe to say that it will be money well spent. Your child will adore wearing this clothing brand. 

What are the best pieces from Pink Chicken?

Pink Chicken is one of those rare designers where it seems like they can’t possibly make a bad design. Everything they make has that effortless New York chic vibe that looks perfect on every kid. However, there are a couple of choices we really love…

Pink Chicken Eloise Dress

If you know the classic book series Eloise, then you might have a feeling that this dress was inspired by the titular character. Pink Chicken dresses are made to look cute, but this one definitely takes the cake. 

Pretty florals, eye-popping color, and an adorable cut will have your little princess feeling like the main character of her favorite story. It’s a great way to get an all-in-one outfit for your little one. 

Pink Chicken Sierra Bubble

Parents of very young babies might want to check out their bubble dress lines. These are made to be easy to take on and off, and for diaper changes to be done in a quick pinch. For newborns and younger babies, you can’t get a better ensemble. 

The Sierra Bubble is an absolutely adorable bubble onesie that isn’t just easy to work with. It has an adorable print of embroidered bunnies—just in time for spring. 

Pink Chicken Judith Dress

Some dresses look timelessly perfect, and that’s exactly the way we’d describe the Pink Chicken Judith Dress. Made with an elegant springtime theme of Easter, this is one of the several dresses that resulted from a collaboration with South Carolina artist Lulie Wallace.

This dress was originally made with Easter celebrations in mind, but don’t worry. It looks so pretty, it’ll be great to wear on any day you choose. 

Pink Chicken Organic Romper

Pink Chicken pajamas are the bee’s knees, and part of it is because they are so snuggly. The material on these rompers are amazingly soft. Though they are soft and made for sleeping, Pink Chicken rompers can still have the durability that you would expect from a luxury childrens brand. 

Their Organic Romper remains one of their more popular sets for slumber parties, sleeping, or even just having your little one lounge around the home. Once you see those cute little hearts, you’ll understand why. 

Pink Chicken Boys Jack Shirt

While it’s true that Pink Chicken clothing tends to lean more towards girls, the brand has started to come up with some seriously cute boys clothes as well. This adorable button-down shirt is a great pick for young boys who have to dress a little formally when they go to school. 

Yes, it’s formal-ish. Yes, it’s funky thanks to the bold yellow lemons on the cyan blue background. Yes, it shows up phenomenally well on camera. Your son will be a little showstopper in it. 

Pink Chicken Katniss Swimsuit/Boston Terrier Print

As the brand developed its niche in the luxe kids clothing market, Pink Chicken started to come up with their own luxury swimwear line. Their Katniss Swimsuit is a prime example of what they were able to offer girls under the age of 10—and it’s adorable. 

This playful little swimsuit is designed with adorable Boston Terriers all over it. It’s pink, it’s adorable, and it’s perfect for the little girl who loves dogs. If you have a terrier or just want to get a cute swimsuit for your daughter, this is it.

Tips for styling Pink Chicken clothing 

Being a fashionable parent is hard, but getting your kids to be fashionable is even harder. If you buy luxury kids clothes, then you might as well learn to style them right. Here are our top tips…

Always make sure your kid wants to wear the clothes you buy.

Before you click “Buy,” realize that a kid who wears clothing she hates is not going to be a happy child. Everyone has either seen or been that child who was forced to wear stuff they hated, just because it made their parents happy. That’s not a good thing. 

At the end of the day, you want your child to be happy and to feel like they can express themselves in their clothing. They can’t do that if the clothes you buy for them make them feel miserable. 

Check sizing charts carefully. 

Kids grow up so fast, and it can be hard to keep track of what size clothing they have. The worst part is that most childrens clothing companies use their own size charts. It’s not universal. Make sure to check the size chart for Pink Chicken—or ask a customer service associate for help/ 

When in doubt, go up a size. Your child will be able to grow into it and enjoy their Pink Chicken for a longer time. 

Stick to one major print in every outfit.

If nothing else, Pink Chicken clothing is notable for their love of bold and beautiful prints. That’s why they are so popular and why their clothes have that perfect aesthetic that works well in photographs. 

Prints are hard to match with other prints. So, if you have a Pink Chicken dress with one print, don’t pair it with socks from another. Your best bet is stick to a bunch of clothes in the same print, or better still, to stick with solid colors. 

Make sure to pick outfits that work with your child’s skin tone.

Kids look great in all types of clothes, but some clothing colors work better than others. As a parent, you can usually tell which colors tend to look the best on your little one. If you can choose a color that’s more suitable, do so. 

Of course, there are certain colors that are universally flattering—even with kids clothing. If you aren’t sure what to buy for your child’s wardrobe, sticking to neutrals or blues is a smart move. 

Always accessorize!

There is always going to be a moment where you want to jazz up your child’s typical “go-to” outfit for a day. Whether it’s trying to make a school dress look more formal for an event, or just a simple photoshoot, there’s an easy way to give your child’s outfits a twist. 


There are plenty of cute accessories that you can use to make your child’s look sizzle. A large sunhat can help add some resort chic to a typical Pink Chicken dress. Bangles and small bracelets will add dimension to a photoshoot for your daughter. Meanwhile, you can never go wrong with a new pair of baby shoes for your littlest sweetie. 

Don’t be afraid to repurpose old clothing.

Many children have that one dress or that one pair of pants that they don’t want to give up, even when they outgrow them. It’s part of just being a kid. The good news is that you don’t have to make them give up those clothes—or at least, you don’t have to make them give up the entire clothing item. 

Once your child has outgrown their favorite dress, shirt, or pants, you can repurpose it into a different item. Some crafty parents have made pillowcases out of their kids’ favorite clothes, while others have made cute purses, gloves, scarfs, and even patches for a denim jacket. How cute is that?

If you want to give a child a clothing gift, make sure to keep the receipt.

Gifting clothing is always a little risky, but the risks double when it’s a kid that you’re buying for. Simply put, things can go wrong with clothing. While it’s unlikely, some parents may not approve of a certain article of clothing. Other times, it’s hard to tell what size the child is and you might grab the wrong size. 

Due to the uncertainty that can come with gift-giving, it’s best to make sure that you get the clothes from a retailer that is fair with their return policy. When gifting clothing, make sure to add the receipt to the package, just in case the child’s parents are going to need to return it. 

Are you looking for Pink Chicken dresses, shorts, pajamas, and shirts?

We at Meant2Be Kids love good clothing, so we totally understand that need. Finding Pink Chicken is not going to be easy to do if you want to try to go to a retail store. Few major chains carry the brand, and when they do, this brand flies off shelves. 

We are thrilled to announce that we are an authorized retailer of Pink Chicken clothing. Our store has the high quality standards that made it worthy of Pink Chicken. If you’re ready to get some luxury dresses or shorts, we’re here for you. 

Our customer service reps, returns policy, and sizing assistance are some of the best on the net. So, don’t panic when you can’t find that perfect outfit at the store. Go to Meant2Be Kids, and you’ll never have to worry about ruffled feathers during your shopping experience.