Are your kids looking for some new athletic gear that will make it easy for them to stand out among the rest? As styles get more summery and casual, jeans stop being the main choice of clothing and sweatpants become hotter. 

Of course, there are different types of sweat pants. There are sweatpants that look bad and feel overly muggy, and then there are sweatpants that are breathable, soft, and comfortable. If you want to make sure your kid is happy wearing sweats, you need to make sure those sweatpants are good.

And by good, we mean cool. 

In recent months, one brand has been reinventing what the definition of “cool” is in the world of sweatpants.

That brand is Aviator Nation, and when you take a look at Aviator Nation kids sweatpants, you’ll understand why. Aviator Nation is a clothing brand that takes a cue from the effortlessly cool and carefree times of the 1970s and 1980s through sleek, all-American designs.

Their flagship items are their sweatpants and their coordinated outfits featuring 70s-inspired logos, patterns, and color palettes. Taking a look at them quickly gives you a feeling of nostalgia—like seeing photos of people enjoying a summer camp in the 1970s. 

One could even say that they’re bringing back old-school cool, but that isn’t quite fair. This is a brand that is modern in the way that they deliver that look. It’s little surprise, then, that it’s become one of the more popular labels among the trendy crowds in schools aross the nation. 

What makes Aviator Nation kids sweatpants unique?

Aviator Nation sweatpants are made with classic 70s aesthetics, such as five bars of rainbow coloring on the sides, classic dolphin cut sweatshorts, and other simple but highly aesthetic designs. Simply put, the designers of Aviator Nation made a serious effort to make sweatpants that feel like summer camp. 

Aviator Nation sweatpants are fun, brightly-colored, and made to stand out in a crowd. Though they stand out, the truth is that they don’t stand out in a bad way. They’re a quiet way to make sure that your kid knows that they’re the fun one of their group. 

Finding sweatpants that look great, remain appropriate for school, and don’t have a million copycat designs online is hard. Their unique but effortlessly attention-getting look is what makes them such a good investment for your child’s wardrobe. 

How much do Aviator Nation kids sweatpants cost?

Depending on the style and whether it’s for a kid or an older teen that wears adult sizes, you can get these for approximately $98 to $148 per pair. (Don’t worry! From time to time, they do get on sale, so bargain hunters might be able to snag a pair for less.)

Does Aviator Nation kids clothing stay intact?

Many parents know the struggle of buying a pair of cute-looking sweatpants that kids wear once, only to have those sweatpants turn into baggy, sloppy-looking nightmares within a week of its first wear. That’s so aggravating, isn’t it? If you’re like many parents, you’re sick and tired of “disposable” sweats.

One of the bigger reasons why parents love Aviator Nation sweatpants is because they are remarkably durable. They are made with fabric that is meant to stay in its original shape and also be easy to clean. Laundry day just got so much easier, and parents can celebrate that fact. 

Are Aviator Nation Sweatpants breathable?

We’ve all seen sweatpant companies that really emphasized the “sweat” portion by trapping in heat in a way that is both uncomfortable and aggravating for the wearer. Aviator Nation sweatpants aren’t like that, thank goodness. 

While they do have winter sweatpants that are great for keeping heat inside, the truth is that the manufacturers of these sweats made a serious effort to make them breathable. If your child is sensitive to temperatures, then this is a great brand for your kid’s wardrobe. 

How can you style Aviator Nation kids sweatpants?

One of the better things that you’ll notice about sweatpants from this brand is how easy they are to pair with various outfits. They just look that effortless! We suggest trying these outfits for your kids:

  • Pair it with a plain white shirt and a matching Aviator Nation kids jacket. For example, girls love to wear the Aviator Nation pink sweatpants with a matching jacket,. Coordinated sets are easy to snap up in our store and they also tend to be the best way to flaunt your child’s sense of style. 
  • For more casual settings, pair it with a tank top. This is a style of wearing Aviator Nation sweatpants kids typically prefer in hotter settings. 
  • Pair it with an oversized graphic tee for a sloppy-chic look. That’s a trend that’s more popular with kids who are artsy. Check with  your child if they want this super-comfortable look. 
  • Most people agree that white sneakers tend to look the best with these pants. It helps highlight the crisp lines of the sweatpants in a way that looks gorgeous and elegant. 

  • Check out Meant2Be Kids’ selection of our favorite sweatpants by Aviator Nation!

    We’re not fibbing when we say that these sweatpants are incredibly popular with kids and adults alike. However, there are definitely some sweatpant styles that are more popular than others. These are our top trending picks on sale right now!

    Aviator Nation Kids Stripe Sweatpant

    If you want to get the full experience of having your child get an iconic brand, look no further than the Stripe Sweatpant. This charcoal-colored sweatpant stands out by having a rainbow of stripes running down the side of the leg.

    It’s such a simple design, but it has such a beautiful look that works well for both boys and girls. If your child is a fan of the retro, neo-hippie look inspired by the 70s, then the company’s flagship product will definitely strike a chord with them. 

    Aviator Nation Pink Bolt Sweatpant

    Do you remember the days of the 80s when Jem and the Holograms reigned supreme on Saturday morning TV? The Pink Bolt Sweatpant channels that girlpower-filled energy of yesteryear in a cute, feminine, and punk rock way. 

    It’s a bold and bright pink fashion statement that looks like it’s concert-ready. Though they’re definitely sweatpants, there’s nothing to sweat about when your child is wearing this pair. It looks punky and still remains appropriate for school sports outings. 

    PRO TIP - This one is also available in adult women’s sizing, so if you want to do a “mommy and me” shoot for Instagram, this is a great pair of pants to pick. They also work well for taller or larger teen girls. 

    Aviator Nation Black Bolt Sweatpant

    If you have a son or daughter who wants an edgier take on Aviator Nation kids sweatpants, you might ant to take a look at their bolt sweatpant in black instead of pink. This gives the pants more of an “emo” look than a retro rockstar look. 

    Much like the Pink Bolt sweatpant, you can expect these pants to fit well, breathe easily, and also look great on social media. These, too, have an adult counterpart, making them ideal for older teens who want to match their friends. 

    Aviator Nation 4-Bolt Fade Sweatpant

    Yes, it’s true. Aviator Nation kids sweatpants feature a lot of bold prints that involve lightning bolts. Their 4-Bolt sweatpant line comes in a wide range of colors, but only their 4-Bolt Fade Sweatpant actually turns the lightning bolts into a color gradient. 

    These sweatpants are incredibly popular among kids who love internet culture, primarily because of their vaporwave coloration. They are uniquely 90s, and work well with a wide range of classic neon clothes. 

    Aviator Nation Check Sweatpants

    Do you remember watching Speed Racer or (as a parent) a movie like Kill Bill? It’s safe to say that yellow pants with racing checkers have a certain motif that remains popular in pop culture throughout the years. It’s a bold look that oozes drama, excitement, and thrills. 

    This pair of sweatpants currently comes in adult sizes only, but there’s a silver lining here. If your daughter is a teenager, then these pants will come in a size that will likely fit her well. As a parent, it makes sense to look for brands that will help ease her into adulthood, and a pair of Aviator Nation sweatpants can help do that well. 

    What other brands offer pants similar to Aviator Nation’s?

    Truth be told, there are not many alternatives to Aviator Nation in terms of their specific style and quality. However, at Meant2Be Kids, we were able to find a couple of companies that have a similar style—with their own unique twists.


    Are you looking for a look that’s slightly more urban than Aviator Nation? Nununu is a brand that focuses on boys clothes that have edgy designs, breathable fabric, and urban looks. Parents love seeing that hyper-stylish look on their kids. 

    It also tends to be a brand that is more centered on younger boys. So, if your child is just starting to get into gym class age or is still just a baby, Nununu is a great pick. 


    If you are looking for stylish pants for boys that aren’t actually sweatpants but have a sweatpants-style cut, you may want to check out Minikid. This brand is all about cute denim for young boys. 

    With that said, this is only a loose replacement for Aviator Nation. They don’t make sweatpants. However, the overall “vibe” that they offer an outfit definitely remains fairly similar, so we feel it’s worth discussion. 

    Californian Vintage

    Californian Vintage is one of the closest brands to carry styles similar to Aviator Nation’s, though they tend to be more likely to carry pants without any particular pattern. They’re more about a “beach vibe” rather than the feeling of spending time at a summer camp in the woods.

    Beautiful cuts and breathable material is what makes Californian Vintage so popular. It’s timelessly classic and a favorite among upscale girls. With that said, you can occasionally still find some pants with patterns from this fashion label. 


    Firehouse is probably the closest brand to Aviator Nation when it comes to the actual aesthetic. Bright colors, cute prints, and simple patterns are what they do best. Their brand has the same high quality make, but there are slight differences. 

    A lot of fans of their work would argue that Firehouse is a little more funky than Aviator Nation. It’s a little more cartoony than Aviator Nation, which might be a perk for some kids who love the look of something that feels like it belongs in a Nickelodeon show. 

    One major perk of Firehouse sweatpants is that they tend to be far more budget-friendly than Aviator Nation sweatpants for kids. They’re priced around $50 a pop, so if you want to give your kids luxury that remains affordable, this is a great choice. 

    Are you looking for Aviator Nation kids sweatpants?

    When you take a look at the sheer demand for Aviator Nation sweatpants, it’s easy to understand why a lot of parents have a hard time finding them in regular retail stores. They get snapped up by parents the moment they even hit the rack!

    Thankfully, you don’t have to go to a retail location and fight over these pants with other families. We make it easy to find the pair of sweatpants your kids want without the hassle of regular trips to the store or worrying that you just drove to a venue that doesn’t hold your sizes. 

    At Meant2Be Kids, our goal is to help keep your kids as trendy, fashionable, and happy as possible.That’s why we keep on top of the newest trends for babies, boys, and girls. Oh, and that’s also why we make sure to offer as much advice as possible for parents. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our styles today.