Kids and their delicate skin needs extra care and a touch of gentleness. While dressing the kids in cute and stylish apparel, parents often end up choosing synthetic fabrics, which can irritate your baby's tender skin, resulting in rashes, itchiness, inflammation, and irritation. Well, bamboo footie is the ultimate solution for styling your baby's outfit dashingly while keeping their skin protected from irritation. In fact, bamboo fabric is counted among the most sustainable resources, which makes it an eco-friendly choice for your kiddo! 

Bamboo footie VS Cotton clothing 

The fabric, cotton always leads when it comes to choosing the most comfortable outfit. But being softer, more durable, and organically anti-bacterial, bamboo footie gives tough competition to it. Bamboo footie comes in a lot of color and designs, making them a perfect wardrobe staple for your kids. Here are a few reasons why the bamboo fabric is the best among all:

Softer than ever 

Isn't silk regarded as the softest fabric on the planet? But bamboo beats silk in terms of texture. So, you can assume how many points bamboo is ahead of cotton! Bamboo footie feels luxuriously soft that glides off the skin like butter, making it the best-fit pick for your infants, toddlers, and kids.

More durable & sturdy 

If maintained as per the instructions, bamboo footie lasts really long, keeping instant its shine, luster, and comfort. The fabric is three times more durable than cotton. No matter how many times you wash it, the bamboo fabric will retain its quality, looking the same just like it was on day 1. 

More moisture & sweat absorbent ability 

Bamboo fabric is a perfect choice for hot and humid weather. With 40% more sweat and moisture absorbent ability,  it is likely to soak 3x times its weight. Thus, footies made from bamboo feel fresh, less sticky, and comfortable all day long, even when the outer temperature is high. In fact, since it absorbs sweat, your kids will not have to stay drenched in sweat, avoiding the risks of catching a cold. 

Thermo-regulating formula 

One of the finest aspects of bamboo fabric is its thermo-regulating feature which cotton does not have. This super amazing breathable fabric keeps your baby warm and cozy during the chilly months and cooler on the hot days. 

Natural antibacterial properties 

Do you know that bamboo plants have an anti-bacterial agent, known as Bamboo-kun? It lets the plant flourish without any interruption in the wild circumstances. Due to the presence of this special element, the plant does not even require any pesticides to grow. And surprisingly, this incredible quality stays with the fabric even when it is in its textile form. As a result, it naturally slays the bacteria and germs away and makes your kids feel fresh. And since the germs and bacteria do not get a chance to build up, it keeps the footie odor-free for the longest time possible. 

Hypoallergenic material

Almost all babies have sensitive skin, and even outfits from the most trusted brand can sometimes cause allergies and skin irritation to them. But, bamboo fabric is totally different. It is clinically proven to be hypoallergenic. That means, your baby can wear a bamboo footie all day long, regardless of the weather condition safely and comfortably, dodging the chances of rashes and allergies.

 The eco-safe choice 

As mentioned earlier, bamboo is the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly material that needs 30% less water, in its plant form compared to cotton. It soaks more carbon dioxide, leaving abundant oxygen in the air. Additionally, the material is 100% recyclable, and thus supports the 'Go Green' campaign.  And using bamboo clothing, you can prove yourself responsible both as a parent and as a citizen. 

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