We always support T2LOVE clothing because it is made in the USA and has ethical production. It is a brand, established in 2006, with the aim of making unique none-of-a-kind children's clothing. And they have successfully managed to do so. They have delivered the most uniques designs on the softest fabric. Here is a discussion of why mothers and children love T2LOVE clothing!

Why should you buy T2LOVE clothing?

As any childrens’ wear should be T2LOVE is also 

  • Functional: easy to put on
  • Has cute colours on it
  • The quality of the fabric is gentle and smooth
  • And finally, have a good ratio from price to quality.

Good for Baby, Good for Earth

Producing clothing for children, toddlers, and newborns now necessitates consideration of the goods' long-term implications and sustainability. Ment2bekids and T2LOVE always follow international standards and best practices in terms of social and environmental compliance.

At Meant2bekids, we understand the obstacles that children's, toddlers', and infant apparel producers face. We have dedicated teams and supervisors who are concerned about children's clothing in the daily operating procedures of controls, and testing.

Clothes for Easy Dressing

Young children dislike getting dressed. Choose clothing that is simple to put on and take off like T2LOVE. Avoid clothing with several components that must be put on one at a time. Also avoid clothing with a lot of buttons, zippers, or snaps. Avoid clothing that must be pulled over the head to cut down on dressing time challenges. Alternatively, choose pullover shirts that open on the shoulder to allow the garment to be simply slid on. Remember that a baby's arms and legs are the same as an adult's—only smaller—so don't twist and tug a child's limbs into uncomfortable garment openings.

Some self-help features you’ll find in T2LOVE clothes are:

  • Front openings or large neck openings
  • • Simple fasteners—large buttons are preferred
  • • Zippers with large pull rings
  • • An elastic waistline instead of a belt or sash
  • • Marks to identify the front and back, right and left
  • • Easy-to-use pockets

Comfortable Clothing Is Important

Comfort is an important factor to consider T2LOVE clothing. There are three main aspects of comfort to consider.

Perfect Temperature.

Other Clothes can make youngsters feel uncomfortably hot or cold. Comfortable clothing allows for absorption and ventilation, allowing body fluids to drain quickly. Cotton and cotton mix materials are absorbent and comforting for infants. In hot temperatures, 100% synthetic materials, which are generally nonabsorbent, are uncomfortable for youngsters. 

No Restriction

Children dislike wearing clothes that restrict their movement. Clothing that is either too tiny or too big might restrict movement and interfere with a child's activities. Avoid excessively tiny necklines, armholes, sleeves, and waistlines, as well as too-tight elastic. Clothing that is overly big and wraps around the child's body or trips him or her should also be avoided.

Not Irritating textures.

Harsh or scratchy fabrics, fasteners, and seam finishes can irritate a child’s sensitive skin. Clothing made from soft cotton or cotton blend fabrics is comfortable and easy to care for. That is why most T2LOVE clothing is made out of pure a100%cotton. For winters T2LOVE also provides sweatshirts. Unlike other baby apparel in the market,

  • allow ventilation, yet give warmth;
  • mould to the shape of the body without restricting body movement;
  •  are soft against the skin; and
  • “stretch” to make dressing easier.

What we absolutely restrict for children's clothing is bulky seams and scratchy fasteners. It’s not just T2LOVE but whatever we have on our website is completely safe for children. They are free from Heavy zippers, snaps, and buttons that can be uncomfortable for the kid.

Where to buy

The best place to buy T2LOVE clothing is the Meant2bekids website. We can offer the best quality children's apparel at the best price in the market. We are committed to providing our customers with the appropriate degree of knowledge for their goods. We want to build trust and reputation with our customers and their suppliers.

This is why T2LOVE, the brand itself is special in the children's clothing industry. You may buy a sweatshirt, a graphic tee, or even a combo from our website at a great discount. We have also SUBMARINE SWIM, angel dear footie, Esme pajamas, JELLY CAT in store for you. Check them out right now