Are you counting days to hear the word, mom? Nothing can be more exciting than expecting a child. There is a lot of anticipatory work that is related to having a baby. Why not start preparing yourself from today? One thought is pretty common in all future moms, i.e. dressing up their newborns. If you can relate to this too, read ahead! We are gonna share 6 types of angel dear footie that you can get your hands on!    

Different types of angel dear footie that you can choose for your infants

The matter of concern is the comfort your baby gets in those dresses.  No mother would like to hear their babies crying out loud due to the irritations they face from the baby wear you buy for them. In short, choosing between comfort and fashion is not just acceptable. In this blog, the topic of discussion is the best dresses for newborns. 

  • Zipper cotton footie
  • Zipper cotton footie is a perfect example of a dress for newborns. These one-piece footies are soft and cozy. Beginning their journey in Oh baby zipper cotton footie can be their perfect start. These clothes are designed to provide comfort to your child. The 2-way zip is ideal to keep your babies warm and lets you change their diapers without facing any issues. 

  • Zipper velvet footie
  • Zipper velvet footie is one of the best types of angel dear footie. Made of soft cozy linen these kids wear provides perfect comfort to your babies. The velvet ruffle used in this clothing enhances its softness. Some of its features that may tend you to buy these clothes for your kids are as follows,

    • Made up of 100% cotton
    • Contains snap closure
    • Easily washable on washing machines
    • Stretchable 

  • Typewriter white footie
  • Among all angel dear footie, typewriter white footie is one of the most stylish fashion wear. These white-based dresses are perfect for parties or gatherings.   Let your kids be the fashion statement for the party. Classy look along with sheer comfort is what typewriter white footie is known for. 95% of natural fiber (bamboo viscose) is used in typewriter white footie. Qualities that make you choose this dress for your kids are,

    • Folded mitts are added to avoid scratching and also keep your child warm
    • Secret zipper to make your task easy while changing their diapers.
    •  Scribbled footer to provide grip and help them take their tumbling steps. 
    • Durable and long-lasting ability to provide comfort

  • Hearts Ruffle Footie 
  • As we are discussing types of angel dear footie for your kids, missing out on hearts ruffle footie would not be justice. These footies are for the age when your kids transform from infants to toddlers. Let their days of exploration begin with hearts ruffle footie.  From taking vigorous tours to the other part of the room or by crawling in your garden these dresses are best for almost every situation.  Features that may attract your attention while kids shopping are as follows,

    • Accidental scratches are prevented by the folded cuffs 
    • 95% of the cloth is from bamboo viscose and the rest 5%is comprised of spandex
    • Friendly to Machine wash
    • Colorful and attractive prints 

  • Sea creature zipped footie
  • Footies that have sea creatures prints on them look beautiful on kids. Variable prints and colors are available in this kind of angel dear footie. Changing your baby clothes is now much easier with angel dear footie as every type of angel dear footies are zipped that let you change your kid’s clothes in a flash. Alike every other kid dress we have mentioned, sea creatures zipped footies also have some specific qualities, they include,

    • Made up of natural fiber, i.e bamboo viscous
    • Superior quality
    • comfortable
    • Folded cuffs

    Once your kids start transforming from neonate to preschooler, angel dear footie can be your best pick to style your preschoolers. As we mention preschoolers, it is also time for you to let your kids learn and enjoy swimming with our most stylish SUBMARINE SWIM dresses. Vintage Havana girls and t2love tank are new additions to our kidswear collection that you can buy to add on a style quotient to your kid’s wardrobe.