Are you eagerly waiting for the summer vacation to make a family trip near a beach? Well, a beach trip is incomplete without stunning and comfortable swimwear. And when it comes to choosing a perfect swimsuit for your little ones, Shade Critters can be top-of-the-line. This brand breaks the monotony and comes up with new designs and color flares for kids of all ages. Shade Critter bikini collections are a blend of both style and collecting, making it a top-notch choice for your kids.

Top Seven Shade Critter bikini that you can buy for your kids

  • Underwater Animal Print

  • There is no single kid who won’t love to wear cute animal-printed swimsuits. Not only for their vivid designs but for their charming looks. Besides, this Shade Critters product is stuffed with comfort to keep your girl playful underwater. 

    Underwater animal print swimwear is specially designed to fit every shape. This swimsuit also fits precisely without making one feel bulky underwater, which helps your kid swim swiftly.

  • Shade Critter Tankini

  • Tankini is basically a two-piece swimsuit, perfect for 9 to 11 years old girls. With elastic shoulder straps, this outfit is a perfect blend of a tank top and a bikini. There are many reasons why this attire would be a perfect choice for little ones. 

    Firstly, this outfit is a two-piece, and also crafted with elastic straps. Besides, this Shade Critter Bikini is a pallet full of different colors, making it more beautiful.

  • Float Suit With Zipper

  • This one is especially for toddlers who are trying their hands at swimming for the first time. Crafted with fine quality fabric, Float Suit With Zipper is the most comfortable bikini we presently have in our collection. And no words for balloon images on and the blend of pink and white colors.

    Float Suit With Zipper bikini features 16 removal floats helping your girl to improve her balance on the water. And due to this reason, this swimsuit is ideal for beginners. 

  • Multi Unicorn Tie Dye

  • If your girl is a bit sporty, Multi Unicorn Tie Dye is the outfit you need to check out from our collection. This amazingly built Shade Critter Bikini allows her to move freely and withstand plenty of acrobatic actions. And to make this outfit more interesting, manufacturers designed it with different colors and unicorn-shaped prints. In the world of pale and regular sports swimsuits, the Multi Unicorn Tie Dye is a breath of fresh air. 

  • Mini Wild Print Bikini

  • Mini Wild Print bikini is a piece of treat from Shade Critters we currently hold in our collection. This bikini is adored for its intriguing looks and great comfort that comes from its fine-quality fabric. And speaking of the fabric, Shade critters decided to follow the eco footstep using fabric manufactured from plastic. This means, at least 35 plastics were reused while manufacturing this attire leopard print kids' swimwear.

  • Lobster Print Ruched Swimsuit

  • Since old fashions are coming back lobster print ruched swimsuits would be a nice bet for you. The ruched style is formally known for the frills at the bottom to create an intriguing gathered skirt. And the feature that makes this Shade Critter Bikini more special is the elasticated neck strap that gives this outfit and unique finish.

  • Tie Dye Black Bikini

  • Made and designed for girls under 12 years old, this fine collection statement is for the beach fashion your little princess needs. This swimwear is primarily loved for its amazing design blend of black on white. Secondly, the Tie Dye Black bikini from Shade Critters is made from recycled polyester, making it more stretchy.

    Shade Critters launch different swimsuits keeping everyone’s taste and preference under check. And that’s why you must go for Shade Critter bikini collections when choosing one for your girl. So immediately visit our online store to purchase different brands of kids swimsuits like Little Peixoto swimsuit for girls, and Nununu boys swimwear for your boys. Also, get the latest collections of Esme dress, Bamboo Footie, Appaman jacket, Nununu sale, and Hannah banana dress.


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