Do you want to get rid of the daily struggle of finding something new to wear in school to get every eye on you? Well, this is a common story of every school-goer! Now the days of heading to school with sad and pouty faces are all gone as we are going to share some cool and quick tips to style up your  Hannah Banana dress in different ways to create different looks every day. With no more wasting time, let's delve into it!

Hannah Banana Dress: 6 Ways to Wear Them In Your School

  • Wear With White Shirt Over A Romper

  • The trend of wearing shirts over dresses is spreading like fire! You can try it too with your Hannah Banana Dress! First, put on your dress, then grab your shirt of choice then and wear it over your dress. Then tie the tips of the shirt in a bow-like knot and you are good to go! But make sure, the shirt doesn't have a high neckline as it could hide the accent of your dress.   

  • Add a Scarf On The Top

  • For a drop-dead gorgeous look, add a scarf to your outfit! Covering your neck using a scarf can drastically change your level of fashion. Not only it's a good way to look attractive but prevents the chilly breezes of winter.  You can also make the fashion more elegant by adding different layers. 

  • Wear A Cardigan

  • For winters, cardigans would be a sleek choice to fashion up a school look with Hannah Banana Dress. First of all, cardigans are lightweight, which makes them the perfect attire to keep yourself comfortable and cozy in your classroom. Secondly, cardigans don't make your fashion baggy like other winter attires. All you need to do is get a cardigan of the right size, right design and color. And there you go with a killer look under the Hannah Banana romper and cardigan.

  • Spruce up your dress with stockings 

  • Stockings can spice up your outfit, especially when worn with rompers. Not only they are thin and lightweight, but very versatile with different garments like girls’ rompers. So why not make your overall look more interesting matching these two? Get your black stockings and pair them with your Hannah Banana dress.

  • Bikers Jacket With Romper Dress

  • If you want to look cool and stunning and cool, nothing can top the blend of a biker jacket on a Hannah Banana Dress. Slipping into both of these elegant outfits won't make your appearance any less than a celebrity. Apart from that, biker jackets are very cozy and comfortable for winter. So no wonder why you should mark this trend in your to-do list. 

  • A Fur Jacket

  • When winter gets rough and unbearable, another thing you can try out on your romper dresses is a fur jacket. Fur jackets that are usually made of synthetic fibers are soft and can block coldness keeping you warm. Though these jackets are not so light, they are still very excellent for attending big events in your school. So get yourself a grey or light green romper to blend with an animal print fur jacket. 

    Though rompers are the statement of modern school fashion, you can struggle to hang them on you in style. But following these fashion tips can instantly glam up your looks with Hannah Banana Dress and make your school ready. So visit our online store to buy kids swimsuit, little Peixoto swimsuit for girls, Esme dress, Nununu boys shorts, bamboo footie for babies, Appaman jacket, and Nununu sale garments.


    Why are Rompers great?

    Rompers are a really comfortable option for many people, they believe this attire is perfect for both special events and casual wear where you need a little more glitz and formality. So visit our store to buy one for yourself now

    What should I wear under a romper?

    Actually, most rompers are built and designed to be pretty loose at the top to keep you comfortable. So we recommend wearing a tank or a bandeau underneath the romper.

    How do you know if a romper fits?

    For the most flattering fit, make sure that the waist of your romper hits right at the slimmest part of your natural waist, and that the length of the bottoms isn't past your knees.