Luxury brands are not just for adults anymore. As fashion houses hear the calls for kids clothing to become more stylish and upscale, luxury brands for kids began to pop up. Luxury childrens clothing is quickly becoming one of the biggest markets for upscale buyers—and that means that you can enjoy letting your kiddo release his or her inner rockstar. 

Parents are starting to recognize the advantages that come with buying luxury clothing for their kids. It’s not just about showing that you can get the best kids clothing brands on the market. Luxury clothes made for kids tend to be more durable, easier to wash, and better fitting than the stuff you find in the bargain bin. 

Unsurprisingly, luxury clothing brands are now a staple in many kids’ wardrobes. If you are new to this movement, it’s best to learn more about what to expect before you shop. 

What constitutes a luxury brand for kids?

It all depends. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, but most people tend to have it boil down to three things: price, quality, and design. A luxury brand for kids will focus on clothes that are very well-made and durable.

Luxury brands also tend to have designs that look expensive and have clean lines. In other words, their high quality tends to be easy to spot—even if the brand name isn’t visible. A luxury garment’s appearance and touch speaks for itself. 

Of course, there is also a lot to be said about the status symbol aspect of a luxury line. One must wonder, is it really a luxury if no one knows what brand it is? That’s not for us to decide or debate. That actually happens to be more up to the parents. 

How much does luxury childrens clothing cost?

This varies greatly on the brand. In most cases, you can expect shirts and pants to start at $40 a pop. However, the prices can easily balloon to upwards of $500 for a onesie with certain designers. It’s wise to choose designers for your budget. 

What are the top kids clothing brands for luxury buyers?

Back in the day, it was an easy question to answer. You just had to go to the nearest department store and ask them. However, the Age of the Internet made it harder to discover popular kids clothes without being “in the know.” 

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ll talk about a wide range of luxury kids clothes meant for every budget in this article. If we notice any drawbacks for regular daily wear, we’ll make sure to mention it, too. 


Yes, it’s true. Italian fashion house Gucci now has a line specifically for kids wear. If you want summer clothes for kids that actually look like they got torn out of a page from Vogue, then you can get it from Gucci. 

However, there are some drawbacks relating to this brand. Gucci clothes are not meant to be played in or romped around in. Kids who are very young could end up ruining their clothes. Considering their steep price tag, we suggest buying this brand exclusively for extremely upscale events. 


If you are looking for a fashion designer who has baby clothing and kids clothing readily available that remains red carpet-ready, don’t hesitate to look at Dior. Dior was one of the first high-end luxury brands to make clothes for kids. 

While the Dior Kids line is generally a little more affordable than Gucci, the same issue tends to pop up. Dior clothing is definitely meant to be more for special occasions—unless, of course, your child is an influencer or a member of a very pricey private school. If you are looking for daily wear, this still might not be it. 


Jacadi is a name that has dominated the world of posh European luxury brands for kids. Known for extremely conservative and traditional wear, Jacadi oozes old world elegance in a way that few other brands do. One might even call it “country club chic.”

The good news about Jacadi is that it’s designed with kids in mind, so cleaning these clothes is a cinch. They’re durable, timeless, and cute, worthy of being a hand-me-down if you have multiple kids. 

The problem with Jacadi is that it often comes off as too straightlaced for American schools. They also tend to focus on children under the age of 12, so your child might end up needing a new go-to brand sooner rather than later.


So, you might be wondering what kind of luxury clothing brands for kids tend to do well for daily wear and sports outings. Great question! Parents of boys who want to show a slightly urban edge to their style will love Nununu. 

The best way to describe this brand is that it’s similar to Virgil Abloh’s designs, but with a more child-friendly twist. It’s urban, edgy, and gritty. Needless to say, it’s a cool way to let your son (or tomboy daughter) flaunt their personal style. 


MOLO is a unique brand that offers a wide range of boys and girls clothing as well as accessories like backpacks and socks. This remains one of the more popular clothing brands for kids who enjoy spray paint, counterculture nods, and comfortable clothing. 

One thing we love about MOLO is that their garments are remarkably rugged for a luxury clothing brand line. If your son is the type of kid to end up in all kinds of crazy adventures, you can rely on MOLO to be able to keep up with his or her antics. 

Californian Vintage

There’s something to be said about companies that can make kids summer clothes that look classy but relaxed. Californian Vintage is one such brand. It’s a brand that looks effortlessly cool, like a vintage shirt that you found in the trunk of an old California beach home.

If your child loves to have a surfer chic look, then they are going to appreciate Californian Vintage clothing. They have stuff for both boys and girls in a wide range of sizes, so you can expect to find a bunch of gear that will suit them perfectly. Summer kids clothes never looked so good. 

Aviator Nation

Everyone has that one family in their lives that looks great all the time, even when they are working up a sweat. Aviator Nation is a brand that channels that vibe and helps your child feel like a sports superstar in a fashionable, magazine-worthy way. 

This is a brand that mostly made a name for itself by ushering in the “rainbow stripe” aesthetic of the 1970s. Their athletic wear is amazingly durable, breathable, and pretty. Regardless of your child’s gender, you’ll be sure to find this brand to be a smash hit.

Nostalgic and yet still relevant, this is a brand that oozes summertime appeal from a time long passed. It’s summer camp, personified. You gotta love that summery look!

Posh Peanut

In recent years, Posh Peanut has become one of the most popular kids clothing brands to focus on girls under the age of 13. It’s easy to see why. Catchy name aside, Posh Peanut clothing is feminine, sweet, and filled with sugar and spice. Parents seem to agree that it’s a dose of everything nice in the young fashion world. 

Parents love Posh Peanut because it’s surprisingly durable despite looking cute and delicate. Little girls love Posh Peanut because the clothes are comfortable, fun, and some of the most attention-grabbing on the playground. Your little peanut will love sporting these clothes!

Vintage Havana

When people think of Havana, they think of gorgeous beaches that would make Ernest Hemingway a little jealous. That same classic, old school beach elegance is exactly the feeling that Vintage Havana is famous for. They are the best brand for summer kids clothes, period.

Since Vintage Havana has a deeply beachy look that still remains popular throughout the years, it’s a great choice for parents who want upscale clothing that won’t look dated in photos. The brand offers clothing for both boys and girls ranging from small children to teenagers. 

Though Vintage Havana has a clear beachy, tropical feel, it’s still a brand that works well for people who want All-American prep school charm. It’s exotic in the same way that a cool beach magazine shoot can be.

Loro Piana S.p.A

When people discuss luxury brands, there’s bound to be a couple of clothiers that are going to be pricey for the sake of being pricey. Such is the case with Loro Piana S.p.A, one of the handful of brands currently vying for the most expensive childrens clothing brand in the world. 

If you love the idea of lavishing your child with coats that cost roughly the same as a new car, then Loro Piana is a good brand for you. Each item in this brand is handmade and artisan, using the finest materials money can buy. However, most of us (reasonably) find $17,000 a bit much for a baby’s coat. 

Katie J

Katie J is the childrens’ designer that really emphasizes the Instagram look. Her work is focused on girls, and tends to work well for ages 7 to 16. If your daughter wants to have a more updated look that gives her a slightly more mature look, then this is a good brand for you to pick out. 

The good thing about Katie J is that it gives your daughter looks that are great for parties, social events, and going out to restaurants. Girls who love to show off their clothes on Instagram tend to love this brand because it also looks amazing on camera. 

Little Peixoto

Are you looking for upscale children clothing for summer that has a very Latin twist? Little Peixoto is a brand that is perfect for vacationing in Cabo, or just lounging about by the pool. It’s elegant enough that you won’t have to worry about looking tacky while on vacation. 

Little Peixoto is a good brand for girls who love to hit the beach or hae a lot of friends who live near the ocean. This brand is great because it’s made to keep kids cool and also looks like it deserves to be taken to an upscale beach club. Instagram-worthy? Oh, you betcha!


Named after the old rhyme, ISCREAM is not a spooky brand at all. Quite the opposite. It’s actually been frequently referred to as one of the most adorable brands for kids on the market today. Parents and kids alike love its cute and cuddly look. 

ISCREAM has a little bit of everything, including things like pajamas and slippers. You’ll see tons of cute patterns, smiley faces, and snuggly soft fabrics if you try out their stuff. For children under the age of 12, this is basically a no-brainer. Your kids will love their slippers, their touchable shirts, and their snuggly PJ’s too. 

Looking for some new clothing for your kids?

At Meant2Be Kids, we totally understand how hard it can be to find clothing that is upscale, affordable, and also stylish enough to make your kids happy. After all, the clothes kids wear will change how they feel about their lives and more. Whether people want to admit it or not, clothes are a big deal.

Whether your child is a newborn, a toddler, or even a teen, our boutique is going to have the stuff they’ll love. We’re confident that we’ll be able to help you find the perfect shirt for Picture Day, or that perfect outfit for your next vacation. 

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