Luxury kids clothing always has cute designs, but some designers are more famous for their cuteness than others. Flowers by Zoe is a brand that has become synonymous with cute and girly fashion. It’s hard not to love the way that it looks, and hard not to fall in love with the classically girly look from this brand. 

Flowers by Zoe is one of those brands that everyone seems to love. There’s so much cute stuff, it’s hard to choose the best dress for your kid. If you’re having trouble choosing, don’t panic. We got a guide showing our favorite clothes…plus a little bit more info on the brand itself.

Let’s talk a little bit about Flowers by Zoe…

At Meant2Be Kids, we really pride ourselves on finding the best luxury childrens clothing designers on the market. Flowers by Zoe is one of the best of the best. That’s why this designer remains one of the most popular brands we carry. 

This trendy boutique brand started in California and quickly became famous for creating clothing for kids that looks effortlessly chic. Since its humble beginnings, it’s been featured in many upscale stores and magazines. The brand is showing no signs of slowing down, either. It’s wildly chic!

What ages are clothing from Flowers by Zoe for?

Unlike many other companies of its kind, Flowers by Zoe has a shockingly large span of ages. You can get clothing for babies as young as six months old, to jeans for girls up to 14 years in age. One of the reasons we love this brand is the way it grows along with your daughter.

What style is Flowers by Zoe clothing?

This is actually a pretty difficult question to answer because this brand is remarkably varied. A large portion of their clothing has a classic vintage “flower child” look thanks to floral prints and decals. 

However, this is a brand that is not married to flowers and lace. If you take a look at the sporty side of the company’s designs, you’ll see tons of bright sweatpants, funky decals, cute accents, and graffiti splatter paint. 

Most parents would agree that there is a little something for every girl in the Flowers by Zoe clothing line. 

What’s the typical price range for Flowers By Zoe clothing?

It’s important to remember that this is a clothing company that is made for luxury and upscale events. Unsurprisingly, that means that Flowers By Zoe can be pretty pricey. This is a top tier brand and has no problem showing that off in a price tag. 

When it’s not on sale, you can typically find a pair of shorts for girls at around $45 to begin with. Young girls’ dresses can be found for $60 to upwards of $90. Full sets can range from $60 for babies to upwards of $150 for young girls and teens.

Thankfully, you can get discounts on these clothes if you know where to shop. (Our store has some pretty awesome sales, by the way.)

What are our top clothing picks from Flowers by Zoe?

Great question. We’ll show you our top 10 right below!

10. Cable Cardigan In Black

If your child attends private school or has a lot of formal events, then you’re going to need some basic solid color sweaters. It’s an easy way to make sure that your school approves of the clothing your daughter wears and to ensure that your daughter has something that works for every occasion. 

That’s where Flowers by Zoe truly excels. They make amazing wardrobe staples for young girls of all ages. Their cable cardigan is a timeless piece that will always look smart.

9. White Knit Cardigan

If nothing else, Flowers by Zoe is a great choice for people who want to dress their daughters up in clothing that is sweet, feminine, and cute as a button. If you are looking for a lighter neutral cardigan for your little one, this white knit option is a great choice. 

Ideal for going to church or a small party, this cardigan is surprisingly durable and easy to clean. Parents of clumsy kids can rejoice. Style doesn’t have to mean sacrificing pastels!

8. Neon Yellow Gym Shorts

While this brand is pretty famous for being sweet and girly, the designers behind it are still aware that even the kindest little princess will want to dress boldly from time to time. One of their most popular picks for young girls going to summer camp. 

Along with Flowers by Zoe shorts, you can buy a full outfit from the brand featuring bold neons and a cute Miami design. It’s summery, ready for a celebration, and perfect for your little one who wants a party outfit.

7. The Chiffon Dress

Flowers by Zoe dresses are some of the most coveted articles of clothing sold by the brand. It’s easy to see why. These dresses have beautiful patterns, perfectly cut designs, and also look elegant enough for professional photos. 

The Chiffon Dress offers a beautiful floral pattern with a chiffon cut, plenty of ruffles, and tons of opportunities for accessories. Fans of flowers, roses, and nostalgia-inducing looks are going to adore this Flowers by Zoe dress.

6. The Zip-Up In Icon

Flowers by Zoe hoodies are another popular pick among parents of cool tweens and young girls. This is a simple zipper hoodie with a neat print that looks cute, features cool icons like hearts and smiley faces, and also feels soft to the touch. 

It’s edgy enough for the rock and roll fan in your life, yet sweet enough to make your favorite cheerleader smile. If your child needs a new hoodie for gym days, you’ll enjoy this zip-up hoodie. They also have Flowers by Zoe shorts that match this motif, if you’re so inclined.

5. Baby Sweatpants And Sweatshirt Icon Set

Did you know that Flowers by Zoe sweatpants aren’t just for tweens? It’s true. This brand also has a number of outfits for babies as young as six months old. If you love the icon print of the Zip-Up, you might want to check out their coordinated outfits for babies, too. 

Parents who want to have a sporty, cute, and (slightly) Y2K look for their tiny one might want to snap this set up. It’s going pretty quickly because it’s so popular. 

4. Pleather Tiered Skirt In Pink

If there is one thing that this brand does well, it’s creating cute skirts and dresses for very young girls. Recently, the company came out with several tiered skirts made for girls under the age of 8 that are just too cute to ignore. 

Their pink pleather tiered skirt blends punk rock attitude with the classic chiffon style of a tiered skirt. It’s sassy in that way that looks perfect in photos and will leave your little princess feeling like royalty. 

3. Hot Pink Cinch Waist Dress

Do you remember Jem and the Holograms from the 80s? If you do, then you might have remembered that their clothing was iconic in its own right. Flowers by Zoe dresses often channel that very same energy in their designs. 

This hot pink cinched waist dress is a great example of how the company gives a generous nod to 80s glam rock. Your daughter will love the cute stars and bold pink.

2. Grey Smile/Love Airbrush Tee

Though parents might love fawning over cute dresses and skirts, the truth is that shirts are going to be the number one purchase you’ll need to make. So, you may as well enjoy the shirts you get for your kids. Thankfully, this is one brand that you can rely on for cool designs. 

Their heathered grey shirt features smiley faces, butterflies, and a little bit of graffiti-style paint splatters with the word “LOVE” on top. It’s a great shirt for girls who want to have a little edgy and artsy twist to their wardrobe.

  1. Eyelet Cinch Waist Dress

Capping out our top ten list of the cutest clothes from Flowers by Zoe is their Eyelet Cinch Waist Dress. We love this dress because it’s cute as a button, but also surprisingly versatile. It’s modest enough to work well with a cardigan during spring, but light enough to wear during summer. 

This sweet little dress is done up in a variety of pastel colors and features an elegant floral pattern. It looks perfect for Easter, but can also do well for school, barbecues, family outings, or just a day at the park. 

Quick tips for ordering from this brand…

Styling clothing from Flowers by Zoe is pretty effortless, simply because the clothes look stylish no matter what you accessorize them with. That’s part of their appeal. So, we’re not going to offer too much advice there. Instead, we’re going to offer tips for ordering from this brand…

  • Make sure to check out the specific size chart for clothing by Flowers by Zoe. FBZ, as it’s called in the industry, is a brand that can run a little small. A tape measure will go far in how well your child’s clothes fit. When in doubt, go up a size. With swimsuits, don’t be afraid to go up two sizes.
  • Save money by ordering sets. One of the nice things about this brand is that they love to come out with pre-made coordinated sets that are sold as a bundle. You can often save money (and time) by ordering the bundles whenever possible. 
  • Keep an eye out for sales. You can subscribe to our email newsletter and also check out our site regularly to keep abreast of sales. This brand isn’t cheap, but when it’s on sale, it’s definitely affordable. When things are on sale, though, you need to act fast. Flowers by Zoe is extremely popular. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for size specifications or other details from customer service. A good store will be there for you every step of the way—and that includes figuring out which dress to order. If your daughter has tactile needs, they will be able to help you figure out which material is softest or most breathable. 
  • Be realistic about what your daughter will and won’t wear. Your child is her own person and she’s going to have her own personal sense of style. If you buy her a $100 dress she doesn’t like, it’s going to be a $100 mistake. She won’t want to wear it and she’ll be unhappy in it. Always ask your daughter what she wants to wear and buy accordingly. 
  • Ask other parents about what their daughters are wearing. This can help give you an idea of what your daughter does want to wear and how you can help her fit in at school. 
  • Try to order from online stores that have reasonable return and exchange policies. Not all online stores will allow exchanges or returns. That’s not a good thing if you are unsure whether your daughter will fit in it or if you’re buying a gift for a new mom. Choose your store carefully, read the policy before you order, and you’ll avoid a lot of hassle.
  • If your daughter’s school has a strict clothing policy, call ahead and ask whether it aligns with the uniform. Some basic black cardigans will, but those beautiful leggings might not. When in doubt, you always should ask. 

  • Are you looking for girls clothing from Flowers by Zoe?

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