Being a parent to a young daughter is a uniquely magical experience. You get to see your daughter blossom into a stylish young lady—and you even get to help her figure out her style along the way. Girl moms (and dads!) already know that shopping is not just a hobby for some girls. It’s a lifestyle. 

When you are getting your daughter ready to go to school, it’s not going to be as easy as shopping for boys. Boy clothes are straightforward. It’s mostly jeans and shirts. Girls? Well, thighs get pretty complex, pretty quickly. There are a lot more options, from dresses to rompers. There are also different life stages to consider. 

If you are a parent looking to keep your daughter trendy, we get it. It’s part of being a good parent to your kid. Girls get a lot of flak for not having cool clothes in school. Thankfully, Meant2Be Kids is here to help you figure out which clothing brands are right for your daughter.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on popular teen girl clothing brands as well as a handful of brands that expand into the tween and younger demographic. After all, we make a point of catering to every child’s age. 

Before you start shopping for your daughters’ clothing, let’s give a quick tip…

Girls are very picky about the clothing that they wear, and it is for good reason. Right now, your daughter is starting to learn about her likes and dislikes. You may have a certain vision of what your daughter should wear, but that doesn’t always match up with what she may want to wear.

As much as you may hate what she picked out, we strongly encourage you to let her choose her clothing. This is the easiest way to guarantee she’ll be happy to wear her clothes and also feel confident while she’s wearing them. 

If you aren’t sure whether something is her style, don’t be afraid to ask her. More often than not, this will turn into a major bonding experience between you and your daughter. After all, most girls love to shop and explore their style. 

What are the best girls clothing brands on the market right now?

Whether you are looking to find the most popular clothing brands for teen girls, or just the best clothes for kids girls under 10 wear, we have a couple of options that you should know about.

  1. Rowdy Sprout

When it comes to finding the most popular clothing brands for teen girls, you have to think about how your daughter wants to dress. If she’s anything like many kids these days, she wants to dress loud. She wants a little rebellion and girlpower to her look. 

That’s where Rowdy Sprout shines. They mimic many more expensive designer girl clothing brands and carry that same air of cool that you’d expect them to have. We strongly suggest this for the teen (and younger) girl who wants to get loud and proud of her love of music and art. \

One thing we love about Rowdy Sprout is the sheer array of sizing for young girls. You’re bound to find a good size for your child and also find the right fit for her, too. 

Best For: The edgy teen and tween who loves artwork, creativity, and fun in the sun. Seriously, it’s a perfect pairing for the artist-in-training.

  1. T2Love

Soft, feminine, and sporty, T2Love is a cute clothing brand that is quickly turning into one of the more popular girl clothing brands for sleepwear and sportswear. Most of this line of clothing is focused on soft shorts and tanks. 

A good way to think of this brand is that it’s the calmer and more pastel-friendly version of Rowdy Sprout. If your daughter is the type to prefer quiet neutrals, a little frills, and elegantly classic looks, T2Love will probably become one of her favorite new brands. 

T2Love also works out well if you have a need for staples. After all, even the rowdiest, neon-loving girl is going to eventually need a pair of black tights. 

Best For: Girls who are soft, feminine, and in need of durable staples. Since T2Love is designed for easy versatility, this is a smart brand for parents who want to ensure that their kids have a little something that can go with everything. 

  1. Submarine

Now that the sun is starting to come out, your daughter is going to need some swimwear. Thankfully, Made2Be Kids has several very popular clothing brands for girls kids enjoy that are almost entirely dedicated to swimwear and sports. Submarine is one such brand. 

This swimwear and athletic brand is geared towards girls ages 7 to 16, and their clothes are cute. Girls who are a bit older can choose a bikini, while girls who want to have a more modest look can try out their one pieces. They even have fully-sleeved one piece swimsuits for girls who want to prevent sunburn. Neat!

Best For: Teenagers who want a swimsuit that looks Instagram-ready and will keep them comfortable. 


Most adults are aware of the brand All Saints. If you’re not, then all you need to know is that it’s a brand associated with the timeless, effortless cool associated with New York’s fashion scene. It’s a cool kids’ bible, so to speak. BLANK NYC is basically the kids’ version of that, though they have no affiliation to All Saints. 

Classic, breezy tops in a series of neutrals are the norm. Well-made, well-tailored pants are the norm, too. Expect your kid to look like they just got out of a high fashion magazine if you buy this brand for them. 

Best For: Teen girls and tweens who want to be in vogue, no matter what season it is. 

  1. Californian Vintage

Do you remember the days when you would be a teenager, and the coolest kids in school were the ones who could surf with the best of them? If you lived near the beach, you probably did. Things rarely ever change. Surfers and skaters are still pretty rad. 

Californian Vintage has clothing options for boys and girls, but their girls clothing line truly stands out as amazing. Gym clothes, daily wear, and more can be found here. The overall vibe of this brand is exactly what you would expect it to be: the glamorous beaches of California, circa ‘91. 

Best For: The teen or tween girl who loves to skate, has a thing for vintage clothing, and remains effortlessly cool in school. 

  1. Katie J

Ooh, la la! Katie J is one of the most popular clothing brands for teen girls who are Instagram-obsessed, and it’s easy to see why. Teens and tweens love this brand because it looks so sophisticated and red-carpet-ready 

It’s easy to see why girls love Katie J clothing, especially for more upscale events. The clothes are glittery, a little old school, and yet totally Instagram-ready. Formal events or cool nights at restaurants with the family basically scream for Katie J. 

It’s rare to see a brand get this many accolades from so many different groups. You’ll understand why when you browse the company’s look book. 

Best For: The teen girls who want to have an outfit that totally slays. Most girls who love high fashion will find at least one piece they adore among the collections at Katie J.

  1. Aviator Nation

In recent years, there has been a growing fondness for retro and nostalgic clothing—even among teens and tweens who didn’t live back in the day. If your teenager or tween wants to partake in the beautifully fanciful culture of the 70s and 80s, they might like this brand. 

Aviator Nation is a fun brand that is great for durable summerwear. The cool thing about this brand is that it doesn’t just stop at teens and tweens. It’s also available for adult women, so it’ll become a brand that your teenager will grow from. 

Though the name may not fully suggest it, it’s worth noting that Aviator Nation is one of the best popular girl brands for exercise and gym clothing. 

Best For: Girls who want to look chic while they’re doing sports, or teen girls who want to wear something retro-chic at the gym. 

  1. Vintage Havana

Remember back in the 90s, when Abercrombie and Fitch had more of a beachy and collegiate vibe to their clothing? If you miss that classic all-American glamour, you’re going to enjoy the look of Vintage Havana. This is a clothing brand that looks just as comfortable on middle schoolers as it does on high schoolers. 

If your daughter’s school system tends to look fondly on preppy wear with a beachy bent, she’ll do well in Vintage Havana’s clothing. This brand is one of the most popular teen girls brands for people who love a more preppy or country veneer. 

Best For: Teens who really love to be the girl next door, or who want to have an outfit that is perfectly preppy. 

  1. ESME Girl

ESME is a name that you may have already heard of within the walls of Saks 5th Avenue and similar, but did you know it’s also accessible via Meant2Be Kids? This upscale clothing company tends to skew on the younger side of things due to their styles. 

If your daughter is a little bit on the smaller side, or if you just have a tween in need of underwear, ESME Girl is a good choice. The main reason parents like ESME is because this is a remarkably durable brand for girls undergarments and pajamas. The other reason why parents like it is because it allows girls to wear things that are appropriate for their age. 

Best For: Tweens and very young teens who need underwear…which is, like, all of them. They also feature clothing for even younger demographics, so this brand is a good choice for parents who want their kids to grow alongside their brands.

  1. Tweenstyle

Any parent worth their salt knows that being a parent to a tween is going to be its own hassle when it comes to clothing options. On one hand, they aren’t a kid. On the other hand, putting them in clothing meant for teenagers just doesn’t seem quite right. 

If you find that particular time of your child’s life to be a bit difficult to shop for, you might want to stock up on Tweenstyle clothing. This entire brand is one of the best girls clothing brands for parents of tweens. 

The styles of Tweenstyle are meant to walk that fine line between kid and teenager. They’re fun and bright, but also have a little more adult design to them. This gives you a great way to help your kid transition from child to teen.

Best For: Kids and tweens who are looking for fun outfits. 

Getting great outfits for girls just got a lot easier.

Are you tired of having to go to crowded malls and try out outfit after outfit with your daughter? Do you find it difficult to find high-end girls clothing that doesn’t look cheap, trashy, or otherwise badly designed? You are not alone. It’s actually one of the most common complaints of girl moms throughout the country. 

That issue is part of the reason why we launched Meant2Be Kids. Meant2Be Kids is a store that is totally devoted to making it easy for parents to find elegant clothing that is durable, pretty and trendy—without all the awkwardness of typical brands. We put in the work to find the best girls clothing brands so that you don’t have to. 

If you are tired of having to deal with all the hassle that comes with traditional shopping trips for kids, it’s time to see how we do business. Our amazing selection of girls clothes and our easy-to-use sizing charts make it easy for parents to find clothes for their kids without the headache. You could even say it’s…meant to be!