Do you remember how life was on the playground? Kids would have a certain hierarchy based on the clothing that they had. Back in the day, having cool clothes mattered a ton. It still matters today, too. At Meant2Be Kids, we understand the importance of having the right brand for your kids. 

You might be wondering which brands we consider to be the best. After all, it takes a trendy store to know which labels end up making the most impact in schools. Take a look at our picks for the top 10 childrens clothing brands, why they are great, and why you’ll love them. 

How much do brands matter?

Brands matter quite a bit, primarily because it gives us an idea of what to expect from the clothes we buy. We all know a brand that is respected for its quality or look. At times, brands can be a status symbol for your kids at school. 

As many parents know, kids can be very cruel. If your child is in a school where clothing matters quite a bit, then you may find your child alienated as a result of wearing the wrong brand. It’s best to make sure that you set aside money to help them fit in—and that includes clothing. 

A brand isn’t always a guarantee of clothing quality, true. However, it’s far more likely that you can trust a brand with a long history of durability and style than you would something like the cheap, nameless clothing from Amazon. 

Finally, the other reason to pay attention to kids clothing brands deals with size. Kids grow up so fast—quite literally! Sticking to a handful of brands that you know will help ensure that you won’t have to deal with sudden surprises when it comes to size. You’ll know because you’ll get a feel for how each fashion house fits on your kid.

Should you shop online for kids clothes?

Absolutely, but there’s a caveat. Not all vendors are going to be equal. If you want to make the most of it, you will go to one of the best kids clothing stores online. Pick a store that carries exclusively quality brands and has a knowledgeable customer service rep.

How can you tell which clothes will be trendy for your kid?

The simple answer to this is that your kids will often tell you which clothes they want to wear, and they’ll do so pretty bluntly. If you want to take matters into your own hands, then the best way to do it is to go onto a trendy online store or check out what’s hot on Instagram. 

Our top 10 clothing brands for kids

Now without further ado, let’s get started on this list!

  1. Baby Steps

Are you looking for durable clothing for kids up to the age of 12? Do you want it to be stylish, affordable, and flattering for your tot? Baby Steps is one of the better brands to pick. The clothes are super soft and comfortable—ideal for kids who have sensory issues. 

The cool thing about Baby Steps clothing is that it works for just about any event. Regular school days are good with it, as are moments that you just want to grab for Instagram. This regularly ranks on our charts for best boys clothing brands and best girls clothes brands for that reason. 

  1. Pepa London

Pepa London is one of the best clothing brands for kids who want to live like royalty. Why? Because the Royal Family of Britain has been regularly spotted in clothing that comes from this brand. Posh just got more pronounced in the realm of kids. 

The clothes are gorgeous and durable. Unfortunately, many people are going to find themselves priced out of things here. After all, it’s (literally) made for royalty. Needless to say, if you can afford it, it’ll probably wow everyone from teachers to students.

  1. TRACTR Girls

Does your tween girl need clothing that’s a bit more edgy? TRACTR Girls is a brand that prides itself on high quality jeans that are made with today’s trendy tween in mind. The jeans are cute, feel luxurious, and also get your kid ready for school. 

What we love about TRACTR Girls is that you can pair these jeans with anything and still get a great look. Without a doubt, your kid will be the coolest in school with these pants. We suggest pairing them with sparkly tops for that extra pizzazz. 

  1. Made With Love And Kisses

There’s something to be said about having clothes that are funky and fun in a world that feels increasingly drab. Made With Love And Kisses flies in the face of the “sad beige” of the fashion world with bright, colorful onesies. 

Each onesie they make has its own cute theme, be it video games, popsicles, or just cool geometric patterns. You’ll love the look, and your kiddo will adore the softness of the material. Bedtime and sleepovers just got so much more fun. That’s what makes it one of the best toddler clothing brands here.

  1. Californian Vintage

Most parents remember the coolness that was being able to say you were from California—or the coolness of saying you were a surfer or skater. Californian Vintage is a kids clothing brand that really emphasizes that era of effortless, surfy cool. 

With retro-inspired designs for both boys and girls, Californian Vintage is a great brand for parents who want effortlessly cool clothing for their youngsters. It’s hard not to feel like your a bragging parent when your kids wear this label.

  1. MC2 Saint Barth

Summer is literally around the corner, and that means swim season is in. Whether you’re hitting the beach, a local pool, or a lake doesn’t matter. What does is that your kid will have durable clothing that’s fun and fresh for that moment. 

MC2 Saint Barth is a little bit urban, a little bit fun, and all for kids. Parents who have kids on the swim team (or just as members of a local beach club) will love to see their kids wearing this brand. It’s one of the best kids clothes brands to focus on sun, surf, and sand.

  1. Blank NYC

Blank NYC is definitely the cool and edgy brand for kids who want to show off their Instagram star quality. Their clothes are often said to be “an All Saints for kids,” if you get what that means. They’re trendy, edgy, but still timeless in their own right. 

Lots of good wardrobe staples are to be found in Blank NYC’s ranks. Whether your child needs a new leather jacket, a pair of dusty denim blue jeans, or just that perfectly-tailored shirt, you can rely on Blank NYC to get you that gorgeous look perfectly. 

  1. Mini Hypebeast

Everyone remembers the Hypebeast trends of the 2010s through early 2020. Believe it or not, the brand itself got a springboard into the world of kids’ clothing. As you might imagine, Mini Hypebeast is all about adding an urban twist to clothing. 

You can always expect the release to be a sweet thing. It’s important to keep an eye on the Mini Hypebeast line if you want your son to be able to rep the hype. Their clothes are surprisingly affordable—unlike the clothing for adults touted by the online magazine itself.

  1. Dori Creations

Dori Creations is a great fashion label for the girl (or tween) that wants to explore the world of dance or exercise. Their entire brand is dedicated to cute, stretchy, and sports-ready outfits that make your daughter the belle of the ball. 

If your daughter loves to dance but often wrecks her clothing doing so, you’re going to be a huge fan of Dori Creations. It’s one of the best girls clothing brands on the market, especially if you want to have outfits that can also act as school-friendly options.

  1. Petite Hailey

When moms have daughters, they already know that they are going to be the little princess of the family. Petite Hailey definitely channels that classic “pretty princess” vibe through their adorable line of tulle tutus, but don’t be too worried. They also have more modern pieces meant for school time. 

This is the kind of brand that parents love to see their kids wear when they have Instagram-worthy shots, or shots that involve adorable girly clothing. It’s clean, crisp, and amazingly appropriate for anything from school days to playing princess.

The best childrens clothing brands should not break the bank.

Let’s just face it. Being a parent is costly these days, and that includes the price of cool clothes for children. Thankfully, Meant2Be Kids is a clothing store that makes it possible to get high-end childrens clothing brands for a fraction of the costs. 

We’re dedicated to making sure that kids stay happy, clothed, and stylish. If you love our fashion, don’t worry. You’re not alone and that adoration you feel is by design. It’s all just the magic of Meant2Be.