Luxury kids clothing has become one of the most rapidly-evolving fashion sectors in the world. It ping feels like every other day involves the unveiling of a new brand that’s worth following on Instagram. Of course, there are trendy clothing brands and super trendy clothing lines for kids. 

If your child wants to be part of the cool crowd, he or she will need cool clothing. It’s hard to beat the effortlessly stylish clothing that features a cool pattern. Nothing is trendier right now than the new “evil eye” pattern trend. Curious about it? We have the inside scoop. 

What is the “evil eye” kids clothing trend?

The “evil eye” trend is based on a historic good luck charm. Historians have noted that people have been wearing amulets and trinkets with blue eyes as a way to ward off bad luck and hatred for as long as 7,000 years. These amulets were eventually just called “evil eyes” by people who used them—and the name stuck.

The basic idea behind the name is simple. Many cultures believe in the idea that someone can curse you or cause bad luck to you by glaring at you. It’s called “giving someone the evil eye.” Belief in this superstition makes sense. We’ve all seen people who suffer a sudden turn of bad luck after seeing the jealousy or hatred of others. 

Wearing an evil eye is meant to actually deter being the recipient of an evil eye curse. In parts of Italy and Central Asia, people swear by wearing evil eye bracelets and necklaces. The new trend of evil eye clothing for kids plays off of this with eye prints all over the clothes. 

Oddly enough, there is no evil eye clothing brand. It’s a multi-brand trend that’s sweeping the runways. 

Are evil eye clothes evil?

Nope, not at all. The entire trend is based on a good luck charm meant to ward off evil—and it’s a charm that’s been used by people of almost every mainstream religion. Think of it as a way of saying “good vibes only” using your clothes. 

How popular is the evil eye clothing trend?

Lately, trends in kids clothing have started to split up. The trend using eye decals on clothing has become fairly popular in creative, artsy kid circles. A popular tween trend, this is definitely a newer take on old world aesthetics. 

If your kiddo is a fan of art class, indie books, or just anything that involves a lot of creativity, you might have a fan of this trend in your home. As always, we strongly encourage asking your kid if they would want to wear something like this before you buy it.

Our best picks for evil eye kids clothing

As connoisseurs of kids clothing, we love to keep abreast of trends. That’s why we found some of the coolest ways that designers have incorporated evil eyes. Check out our most popular choices. 

Firehouse Hot Pink Splatter Evil Eye Sweatpant

Evil eye sweatpants are all the rage right now, for both children and adults. One of the first luxury brands to get into this trend was Firehouse, and they’re still going strong. These hot pink paint-splatter sweatpants feature a graffiti-style eye near the hip. 

This is a good choice for the artsy girl who wants to stand out in gym class. You can also snag a matching hoodie if you are a fan of matching outfits. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a matching sweat suit? An evil eye sweat suit is definitely a one-of-a-kind treat!

Firehouse Neon Yellow Evil Eye Tee Shirt

Leave it to Firehouse to create an entire line of evil eye gear. Yes, they have amazing sweat suits, but sometimes, you want something that’s a little easier to pair with regular jeans or shorts. Firehouse’s neon yellow evil eye tee shirt is a great choice. 

It’s bold, bright, and has that same quirky slightly retro look that the company’s sweatpants do. However, it’s a lighter clothing item so your child won’t overheat during the hot summer months. This tee has a matching pair of shorts, just in case you need a little more coordination in your gear. 

T2Love Evil Eye Sweatpant

T2Love is one of the many brands that came out with several lines of evil eye sweatpants. If you found Firehouse’s styles to be a bit too bold, you might prefer T2Love’s goods instead. These sweatpants are in a pastel lilac shade, but they also come in a light blue.

The evil eye print on these sweats are a little more traditional than Firehouse’s, which makes them a great choice for kids who like to keep things a little simpler. 

Balagan Evil Eye Ribbed Playsuit

For the most part, this trend tends to be most popular with kids between the ages of 7 to 16. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find clothing for kids under the age of 3 featuring eye prints. Balagan, one of the more affordable haute couture brands for babies, has a playsuit. 

Admittedly, this is a playsuit that looks a lot edgier than most others you would find on the market. It’s all black, could be unisex, and also has an embroidered eye right on the center of the chest. 

BBB Evil Eye Pajamas

A slumber party in your schedule can only mean one thing: your kid will need to have pajamas that look great. BBB has a great track record for making pajamas kids love to wear. Recently, they came out with their own evil eye pajamas. 

The white PJs don’t just feature a print with evil eyes. They actually feature a second spiritual symbol: the hand of Hamsa. This symbol is most prominently linked to Judaism and Islam, but it’s become a universal symbol for inviting good luck in your life. 

Stylish? Oh, you bet!

Too Cool Beachwear Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Next up on our list is an adorable beachwear line from Too Cool featuring a nice array of evil eye swimsuits for girls. Too Cool’s claim to beachwear fame is the amazing way that they can use one single pattern to create a bunch of cute swimsuits. 

Their long sleeve swimsuit is a great example of that. This swimsuit has long sleeves, carefully tailored ruffles, and a cute shape that will make your daughter look like the belle of the ball at her next pool party. 

M2B Smokey Evil Eye Tote Bag

If your child is a tween or teen, then you’re going to need to get them something that’s trendy but a bit more grown-up than other designs on this list. A good way to make sure that your teen will be happy with their purchase is to make sure that the trend is done as an accessory they can add to their regular outfit. 

That’s where this hip and glamorous tote bag comes into play. It’s large enough to fit most of your kid’s school supplies, but looks wild enough to stand as a focal point to any outfit. It’s also super sturdy, which is a must for kids who are a bit more foolhardy than most. 

How do you style evil eye clothing for your kid?

Admittedly, this is one trend that can be a bit difficult to style in many cases. Since it’s actually fairly bohemian, you have to put together an outfit that can handle the quirky, artsy vibe of the trend. Our tips below will help you make sure that you get the most out of this trend.

Pair bold colors with neutral black or white.

The evil eye kids clothing trend is often marked by the use of bold and bright colors—or at least, colors that are not your typical pale blue or baby pink. If you decided to snap up a bag or pair of sweatpants with a bold color, it’s often smart to balance it with a neutral color. 

Neutrals match with everything and will give your outfit a more sleek, modern look. Besides, there is something to be said about neutrals. They’re a staple for a reason. Another option is to pair your evil eye sweaters or tees with blue jeans. There’s even a name for it in fashion: bluetrals.

For young fans of bohemian looks, pair evil eye accessories with long, flowy skirts.

Long skirts with extra frills and linen fabrics tend to bring back memories of a day long gone. That nostalgia look is in style right now. In the distant past, many bohemian artists would pair flowy looks like this with evil eye jewelry. 

That’s why the bohemian look tends to be easiest style to pair with this trend. It’s a little mystical, a little poetic, and a lot of fun. To really amp up the boho look, get your daughter some gold bracelets and a matching necklace. 

Kids who are quick to turn on trends do best with accessories.

Admittedly, the evil eye kids clothing trend is one of those things that you either love or hate—there’s really no in-between. Some kids are more fickle than others. If you know your child tends to turn on a dime when it comes to trends, stick to keeping this trend subtle. 

Your child can still get the edginess from this trend using a necklace, a bracelet, or even a cool purse. However, you won’t have to worry about them growing out of it or being unwilling to wear the pants you got them a week after you bought them. Pants and shirts can be expensive!

Don’t assume your kid will be into the trend until you ask.

This is true for almost any school clothing trend that you’ll see, but it tends to be especially true when it comes to edgy teen and tween trends like evil eye clothing. Some kids will want to wear eyes plastered all over them. Others will avoid this trend like the plague or find it a bit weird. 

If you want to make sure that you don’t have to return a new shirt or pair of pants, ask your child if they would be willing to wear something like that first. Your kid will have no problem telling you what they want (or don’t want) to wear. 

Don’t be afraid to make it a full matching outfit. 

While evil eye clothing does make a bold statement, there’s nor reason why you should keep this trend subtle. Kids are the best models for bold and wild trends, so you may as well dial it up a notch. 

Matching neon sweat suits, bold colors with neon hair ties, or even just a single onesie on its own can make a huge statement. This choice of style is ideal for kids who love the spotlight or just prefer to keep everything as coordinated as possible.

This is a particularly popular choice for kids who are still under the age of 5 (rompers!) and for summer swimwear. After all, some outfits don’t really need too much in terms of accessories or extras. 

Are you looking for trendy kids clothing at an affordable price?

It can be hard to find good clothing at an affordable price, no matter what age your child is. One might even say that it’s part of the hassle of being a parent. Thankfully, we make it easier than ever before to scoop up luxury clothing designs for kids at a price that won’t break the bank. 

Meant2Be Kids is all about having a great selection of clothes that match the trends kids adore. If you’re looking for top tier luxury kids clothing or just want to read up on the latest trends in the world of teens and tweens, we’re here for you. 

Of course, trends come and go pretty quickly. That’s why we also have a ton of basics and staples. Go ahead and check out what we have. We have a feeling that you will like what you see.