Did you ever notice how baby clothes always seem to have a bunch of different purposes? We did, and to a point, that’s part of the reason why we work so hard to find baby clothes that are versatile, cute, and also easy to clean.

Baby girl bottoms tend to be some of the more difficult clothes to find on the market. It’s oh, so easy to find bottoms that are made of subpar material. It’s also easy to find baby bottoms that are just awkward to put on or poorly tailored.

To make things easier, we put together a guide that features great fashion advice along with our picks for some of the best choices for new parents. Check out our advice on how to style the most popular bottoms—and how to wear them.


Why Do Baby Girl Clothing Bottoms Matter?

Bottoms are half of a baby girl’s wardrobe. Your daughter can’t just walk around in a shirt. After a certain age, you also can’t expect her to wear baby bubbles 24/7. Dresses can also be a bit high-maintenance, not to mention easy for daughters who are a little more fussy to take off. 

While they may not grab as much attention as a shirt, your daughter’s pants and skirts can turn a drab outfit into a fabulous one. Besides, getting high quality bottoms is a good way to ensure that your daughter won’t ruin them the moment she has an accident or a diaper leak.


Baby Girl Pants

No matter what season you’re in, you need to make sure that your daughter has at least one or two pairs of pants. Stretchy material that’s easy to clean tends to be the best pick. (After all, those diapers do need to have a little stretch space, right?)

When shopping for pants, you should consider the occasion. Most of the time, your best bet is to have a couple pairs of solid color pants—ideally, in a neutral color. Of course, you can also get patterned pants for a fun twist on the norm. 

The hard part of getting girls’ pants with patterns is finding tops to go with them. That’s why we suggest getting a coordinated set from a company like Baby Steps. Isn’t their tie dye set just adorable?

PRO TIP - Getting coordinated sets is one of the easiest ways to save money on tops and bottoms. If you want to get individual pants for a wider range of outfits, go for something basic like faux denim.


Baby Girl Sweats

Another major staple of a baby’s wardrobe should include sweatpants. Though they are not going to the gym, baby girls do need sweats for those days when it’s just a little too chilly for a standard pair of pants.

If you want to keep sweatpants in style, you’ll do your best to match them. That’s where (you guessed it!) coordinated sets can come into play. Soft material and stretchy fabric is a must, especially if your daughter wears thicker diapers. 

NUNUNU makes amazing sweatpant sets that are perfect for chilly evenings and brisk mornings in the stroller.

Baby Girl Skirts

Did you ever notice that there’s something extra adorable about seeing a baby girl in her first skirt? It’s just magical, and it always makes little babies look like fairy princesses. So, why not channel that energy into a look that will wow relatives and friends alike?

Skirts made for infants are often made of tulle and frilly linens—and that works wonderfully well for kids. There are a ton of great choices that you can pick from, and it’s not surprising to hear that many parents choose to get tons of skirts for their little ones. 

The type of skirt you decide to get should depend on the occasion. If you want to get a classic tutu (and who doesn’t?!) check out this cute Madonna-inspired number from NUNUNU. For a more coordinated set, check out the Petite Hailey Frilly Wave set.


Baby Girl Shorts

Now that summer is just around the corner,  you’re going to need to find a way to get your daughter to keep cool. Shorts are the best answer for that, especially when you are dealing with hot weather in woodsy areas. 

The cool thing about shorts is that they are made from lightweight material, so your daughter won’t feel too warm during the hotter days of summer. Since baby girl clothing tends to be sold in coordinated sets, you might as well enjoy the perks of summertime with a set from Flowers by Zoe.

Baby Girl Rompers

Ask any veteran parent, and they’ll tell you that rompers are a panacea for fussy babies. Rompers have to be taken off by hand, by an adult. So, if your daughter doesn’t like to keep her pants on, a romper might be a good choice. 

Rompers also have the added perk of acting as a full outfit. All you need to do is pick out a shirt (if even that) and a pair of shoes. As the name suggests, these clothing items are also made to be rugged enough to handle tons of tummy time and play time. 

The cool thing about rompers is that you don’t have to worry too much about color coordination. It’s all done for you in a single piece. Needless to say, you can always find a quick fix for everyday wear in a romper. 


Baby Girl Dresses

In a lot of ways, dresses are the best of high-end clothing and low-maintenance clothing. On one hand, they act as a full outfit for little girls. On the other hand, dresses are also seen as the pinnacle of upscale formal wear.

In other words, dresses can save harried parents a lot of sweat when it comes to putting together a great outfit for a major event. If you want to make sure that you have a well-drssed daughter, then make sure to have at least one or two formal-looking dresses she can rely on.

The cool thing about dresses is that they don’t have to be stiff or delicate to be a great go-to choice. This cute ruffle sundress is a great example of a dress that is floral enough to pass as a formal dress, but casual enough for people to to feel comfortable seeing on a typical day.

Baby Girl Pajamas

You can’t put your daughter to bed while she wears the same pants and leggings she had outside. You need to give her pajamas. Thankfully, this is one of the easiest types of bottoms to shop for—even when it comes to the price point.

PJ’s are ideal gifts for new parents, because bed time is one of the first times when new parents get a little time for themselves. Pajamas are also perfectly coordinated because they tend to be sold in sets. So, it’s a no fuss, no muss type of purchase.

With pajamas, you don’t have to stick to any particular pattern theme or color palette. Since it’s mainly sleepwear, you generally get to mix and match without much issue. After all, it’s not like people are going to see it and make a snarky comment, right?

PRO TIP - If your daughter has a tendency of bedwetting, getting easy-to-clean nightwear makes a lot of sense. Getting darker clothing can also help hide any stains that may occur as a result of an accident.

The Meant2Be Kids Guide To Dressing Baby Girls

Baby girls are always going to be adorable, but there are some smart ways to make dressing your little one just a bit easier. If you want to keep your daughter in style, use some of our tips below:

  • Use coordinated sets as your daily wear. Coordinated sets have tops and bottoms that are designed to match with each other. They are often cheaper than getting the individual items separately, and also are paired to match your child’s size as she grows older. Anecdotally, they also tend to be a little more durable—perfect for your daughter’s day-to-day times with play.

  • Consider getting all of your daughter’s clothing in a handful of chosen colors. Do you struggle with getting your daughter to look matchy-matchy while prepping for those playdates and visits? It’s not just a “you” problem. All new moms have that issue. Time isn’t as free as it once was! That’s why it makes sense to get your daughter’s clothing in a handful of colors that work well together. For example, sticking to a palette involving three neutrals and two regular colors will make it way easier to coordinate outfits.

  • Check the material. For the most part, kids clothing companies have started to realize that having delicate materials as part of their designs doesn’t make sense. Kids are there to run, play, and jump around. A material that isn’t stretchy is not going to work well with that vibe unless it’s for a special occasion.

  • Do gauge your daughter’s reactions to clothing. A good sign your daughter likes clothes you buy from her deals with her mood. Does she seem happy with them? Is she calmer when she wears a certain article of clothing? That’s a great sign!

  • Read the size guides for each designer. Even though it should be standardized, one designer’s 6 MO is going to be another designer’s 9 MO. If you want to avoid needless returns, read the size guides specific to each baby clothing designer. Or, better still, consider buying clothing that’s just a little big for your little one. She’ll grow into it.

  • Take your daughter’s habits into consideration. A lot of very young girls have a tendency of taking off their clothing at the drop of a hat. If your daughter has this issue, then you may want to choose very light materials, since this could be a sign she feels too hot in her clothing. If that doesn’t work, you may want to pick out rompers and overalls instead.

  • Always keep the occasion in mind. There’s a reason why there are so many different baby clothing companies and styles on the market. Different styles are meant for different situations. Your daughter’s baptism is not going to work out well if she’s in overalls and a punk rock sweater. On the other hand, if you want to have a chic playdate at that cool cafe, that look could work.

    What Should You Do If You’re Buying A Gift For New Parents?

    Trust us when we say that new parents are always thrilled to see gifts in the form of clothing. There’s never enough clothes to go around, even if you have a massive wardrobe for your daughter. Of course, shopping for someone else’s little one is not always easy.

    The easiest thing to do is to ask your parent friends what size their daughter wears. Don’t hesitate to get clothes that are larger than what you actually think their child needs. This way, the girl can grow into the clothing and you can help those parents reduce their clothing bills.

    PRO TIP - Don’t be afraid to ask new parents if they have particular brands or designers they are fans of. Many families know when their kids prefer a specific brand.

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