While winter is not even a few months away, the only fashion collection you must consider for your kids is jackets. After all, jackets are the heart of winter fashion. Not only are they very thick and dense to prevent winter shivering but also very fashionable to look cool in front of your guests. So if your kid lacks a better jacket collection for this upcoming winter, here are 7 common yet dashing types of kids’ jackets Nununu jackets offers. Follow the blog to check it all out. 


7 Different Types Of Nununu Jackets For Kids 

Unlike adults, kids’ fashion is enormous. They can be more vast especially when it is related to winter fashion. So follow the following to know 7 Nununu boys coats and jackets to clinch the best one for your kid.


  • Leather Jackets

    Another name for rustic fashion and dressing is Leather Jackets for Kids. This winter attire is nothing but a load of classiness you can get on cold breezy days. And most importantly it's the best match for both big boys and toddlers. 


    The speciality of these jackets is it's all depending on their colour and design. If it's black consider dressing your kid by mixing light grey with along. And here you go! 


  • Kids Hooded Winter Jackets

    When it comes to comfort and fashion, nothing can beat the excellence of kids' hooded winter jackets powered by Nununu Jackets. Apart from these common features, this winter jacket is crafted with soft cotton making it lighter and cosy. And no words for the adjustable hood making it best for winter fashion. You can buy this for your kid if he or she loves playing outside in the snow and wind. 


  • Velvet Denim Jacket

    While getting winter jackets for kids, most people either focus on style or on cosiness. But actually, you need to consider both to make your kids' fashion comprehensive. And the best result you would get considering both is velvet denim jackets.


    Basically, these are partywear and worn for special occasions, still admiring if it's a day out for your kid. So make sure to buy these, to keep your kid's winter party prepared. 


  • Zipped Toddler Jacket With Hoodie

    Are you looking for something that is quite easy to handle and attractively simple? Well, you need to check out zipped jackets with hoodies for kids. This beautiful extraordinary attire is special for its simplicity and colours. Besides they can work well if you need to dress simple and minimalist. And these soothing Nununu Jackets can be shopped online in variable colours and sizes from our online store. 


  • Zipped Designer Sweatshirts

    There is barely anything as cool and dashing as zipped designer sweatshirts. While regular sweatshirts are filled with amazement, these zipped versions are nothing less in fashion and look.  


    Interestingly, this perfect combination of comfort and style of this sweatshirt makes it an ideal pick for your kid this winter season. So let your baby play, run and sleep in these in the upcoming winter season.


  • Baby Fur Coats And Jackets

    White Baby Fur Winter Jacket is one of the best Nununu products we currently have in our collection. Not only can they keep your toddler warm but enhance her style to a new level. And most importantly, they are lighter than they appear, making them a perfect choice for your kid. These rich and ravishing baby fur coats and jackets for toddlers are also designed using the finest fabrics and soft furs that feel smooth on the skin. 


  • Kids Trench Coat

    Your kids’ winter shopping is incomplete if you avoid one of the best Nununu Jackets in our collection: the kids' trench coats. Trench coats are some of the oldest fashion designs reincarnated into a new form making them the finest. These elegant and sophisticated trench coat outfits for kids come in different colours. Buy them from our store for discounts on each breathtaking design. To engage these coats with fashion you can couple them up with trousers or jeans for your kids.


    Here are the 7 different types of kids’ winter jackets Nununu Jackets has to offer for the upcoming winter months. So visit our official website to buy more garments available in the Nununu sale and Nununu swimwear section. Also, check out our latest collection of Katie J skirt, t2love tank, Rowdy Sprout T-shirt, and Californian Vintage kids on our online store.