The wait for winter is over! But are you yet unprepared to fashion up your winter with cool looks? Well, then you must not wait further to level up your winter fashion with coolness. You must go for the latest Love Junkie Hoodie collections available in our store. So if you don't want to miss any chance to look cool for this summer holidays follow this blog to know and review our latest collection. 

Six Latest Love Junkie Hoodies

  • Sleeveless 

  • Do you usually follow “No Winter No Hoodies”? Well, you must not since Love Junkie offers sleeveless hoodies, which are one of the best attires to wear any time of the year. Despite massive weather changes, this attire is best to rock your winter with newness. So why not give them a shot by buying from our online store?

  • The Vintage Vibes

  • Classic looks are what you need this winter. And to incorporate that vibe you can get the vintage sweatshirts in our Love Junkie Hoodie collections. This cloth simply represents the fashion statement of earlier days. It was beautiful and had quality too. This clothing is proof that old trends are coming back. 

  • Slogan Prints

  • Do you love cool looks on dresses that quote dialogues? Then there isn't any better hoodie attire for your young soul. Slogan prints are the only fashion state that can enormously encourage your fashion to the next level. A small slogan on your hoodie can hugely make a difference in the looks you seek in winter.

  • The Black and Grey

  • If you desire to look more unique and vibrant black and grey can be a fine choice to socialize with your friend. While many might think these colours are necessarily boring. You would look extremely egregious if you pair it properly. Besides, It is up to you to find the best one for your child.

  • Animal Patch

  • You can't deny that you love animals! It could be either geographic or just shape; patients are very cool, isn’t it? So why not get yourself an animal-theme sweatshirt? However, you need to be aware of your choice. You do not want to disappoint them by choosing the wrong option.

  • Cartoon Prints

  • Cartoons are another amusing thing you probably like on your dresses. So why not make your winter fashion rich in cartoon prints? Yes! With  Love Junkie Hoodie cartoon collections you can procreate your winter look with comfort. These prints range from famous Disney characters to even local ones. So do not forget to determine your needs.

    Dressing Tips With Love Junkie Hoodies

  • Wear Over Shirt and Jogger

  • If you love to look casual all day, jazz up your Love Junkie Hoodie looks with big t-shirt and jogger. This not just gives you an early 21st centurylook but makes your appearance cute and joyful. It won't look bad if pair it with jeans, and check shirts. And if you thinking of keeping your style a bit cosy, slip into your leggings or yoga pants. 

  • Topping it off:

  • If you are up for a weekend trip with your school friends make sure to pair a beautiful piece of a hoodie with thigh-high boots can declare to the world that you are ready to face the day however you please. But if you don't like thigh-high boots, you can also pair them with your sneakers or canvas. Isn't this winter garment compatible with different looks? Surely it is!

    Here are 6 amazing main collections of Love Junkie Hoodie collections available in our store. Now if you want to buy Love Junkie products along with our bamboo pajama kids, Shade critters bikini, Marlo girls, and TutuDumonde dresses, visit the website right now.


    Why are hoodies good for winter?

    Firstly, a hoodie can act as a sweater to keep you warm. That's because it has long sleeves and the fabric that it's used for is like the type of material that is used to make clothes for the cold season.

    What makes hoodies so special?

    Cosiness! A hoodie guards heat across the neck, torso, and core, which helps to protect all wearers from cold and wind. This heat-guarding feature helps keep muscles primed after a warm-up workout, too—hence athletes' love of hoodies as part of their performance gear.