Ah, summertime!

Is there any season that’s filled with more adventure, fun, and photo opportunities? We think not. Summer is the most popular season among kids, and who can blame them? School’s out and it’s time for fun in the sun!

If you want your kiddo to look their best, you’re not alone. Parents everywhere are working to show off their kid’s outfits. If you want your child to be the most stylish of the bunch, a little bit of coordination can go a long way.

So, you might as well get awesome clothes for them.

Want to learn a quick “fashion hack” that will have your kid feeling happy, comfortable, and confident? At Meant2Be Kids, we love to reveal the fastest, no-fuss ways for parents to put together awesome outfits.

Here’s the inside scoop on one of the hottest fashion tricks of the year.

Here’s the easiest way to make sure your daughter looks amazing this summer…

Let’s just face it. Summer is the season when parents often feel a major time crunch. Between working, trying to keep kids out of trouble, and having to deal with all the family barbecues, it can get pretty hard to have time to yourself. 

Choosing easy-to-pair outfits is a quick and easy way to make sure you have a little more breathing room in your schedule. That’s why it’s so important to get a shortcut or two for your child’s wardrobe. 

The easiest way to get an effortlessly coordinated look together? It’s simple: choose coordinated sets. Skirt sets have become increasingly popular among parents of the chic and fashionable.

Why are skirt sets so popular?

We at Meant2Be Kids have a couple of theories about this. Everyone has their own unique reasons for choosing the clothes they do for their children. Here’s why we think the skirt set look is so popular:

  • It is a fast way to coordinate without the use of pants. Pants are everywhere. A pair of jeans offers up a “bluetral” look that can work with almost any shirt. A pair a black jeans is universally chic. But…pants are not always the right clothing piece for the occasion. Also, you might just want to let your daughter show off her girly side with skirts. This will make it happen. 
  • Coordinated sets give you a (nearly) full outfit without the need to put thought into things. They also can work well in that “mix and match” way that only designers seem to be adept at making. 
  • They are trendy. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of a particular style or type of set being fashionable. It’s the right set at the right time. 
  • Skirt sets give girls an easy way to feel girly and put-together. If your daughter is a fan of Barbie, then she already knows that skirt sets have a very Barbie-esque look to them. It’s a great way to let her get in touch with her inner “Malibu” or “Brooklyn” side!
  • Many skirt sets are also slightly more formal than casual wear. This makes them a good pick for going out to eat, heading over to church, or just getting a good Instagram-worthy shoot. 

  • Introducing Peixoto!

    Peixoto is the children’s clothing brand that has become synonymous with quiet luxury and effortless chic for the summer. Well, okay, we should rewind that. This brand actually started off as a luxury lifestyle resort brand for jet-setting women and fans of swimming. 

    Because Peixoto became so well-known for its high quality gear, breezy summerwear, and excellent cuts, the company decided to expand its resortwear offerings.

    This way, super-stylish moms can make sure that their little ones can swim in style, too. 

    PRO TIP - We at Meant2Be Kids are all about seeing parents match their kids’ outfits to their own. If you’re a fan of Mommy & Me photoshoots, then this is a brand you’re going to want to keep an eye on. 

    Let’s talk about Peixoto’s skirt sets for girls…

    It’s hard to hate on a brand as luxurious and established as Peixoto. Peixoto’s “flagship” offering for younger girls are their skirt sets. Each set features a matching skirt and top made in a single bold, beautiful color. 

    The skirt sets all have their own unique cut that give a little exposed midriff and long, flowy looks. Since they’re made of linen and other breezy materials, you also won’t have to worry about your daughter feeling too toasty as she enjoys the warm weather. 

    The best part about Peixoto’s designs is that they are typically all done in one single color. This makes adding cool accessories and color accents as easy as a slice of key lime pie.

    Little girls and teens who love to experiment with accessories and fashion love this brand specifically for that reason. 

    Where can your child wear Peixoto skirt sets?

    So, it’s clear that Peixoto is not your typical summerwear brand. This is a brand that is very specifically geared towards people (including kids) who are traveling to exotic destinations and spend time on the beach. 

    Knowing that, we don’t really suggest buying Peixoto skirt sets for something like Sunday school or similarly decorum-oriented events.

    The bare midriff look might be a bit too much for many people attending those types of events. We suggest using these sets for the occasions below:

  • Going on vacation. If your family is fond of resort-hopping, then you’re going to love packing Peixoto skirts. It’ll be a quick and easy way to maximize the amount of time that you will spend out at the resort instead of picking what to wear. 
  • By the poolside. Fun fact about the skirt sets from Pixoto: the skirts actually work perfectly as a coverup for swimsuits. Just add a cute towel, and your daughter will be good to go. 
  • Hitting a cruise ship. If you’re the type of family that cruises for fun, then you’re going to enjoy having Peixoto gear onboard. Resortwear definitely works for a family trip on a ship!
  • Casual summer parties. Not all parties are going to be a formal gala that involves more covering up. Sometimes, kids are just going to want to party. If your daughter was invited to a summer party, you might as well make sure that she has a good “base” outfit to wear. This will work well—especially if it’s a pool party!
  • Instagram summer shots. If your child is old enough to have their own Insta or if you just want to flaunt your kid’s epic style on your own, then you will enjoy the way Peixoto looks on camera. This is a brand (and a set style) that is basically made for the camera. 
  • Going shopping. Do you have a local outlet mall or outdoor shopping center you like to frequent with your little ones? If so, then these skirt sets are excellent for the occasion. It just oozes trendiness. 

  • Will your child like Peixoto skirt sets?

    Skirts can be a bit more divisive than other types of clothing, especially for girls who like to be “tomboys.”

    If your daughter loves lightweight skirts that are girly but tropical, then chances are she will enjoy them. If your child prefers pants, it might not be that good a match. 

    Like with all other clothing, we at Meant2Be Kids know that it’s going to be the child’s choice at the end of the day. We know that parents love to buy cool clothes for their kids, but your child won’t want to wear something they dislike. 

    We strongly encourage all parents to talk to their kids about the clothing they want to wear. A child who is enthusiastic about the fashion they wear is a happy child.

    A happy child is a confident chid—and at the end of the day, that’s what we all want to aim for. 

    How much do Peixoto skirt sets cost?

    This all depends on the type of skirt sets you’re buying. However, most will run from $40 to $150. Getting them on sale is a great way to save big. 

    Which Peixoto skirt sets do you suggest getting?

    There are several sets that have been flying off our shelves. These below are the most popular…

    The Peixoto Simone Skirt Set

    If you want something short, sweet, and shoulder-bearing for your little one, you’ll love the Simone Skirt Set. Cute enough to work for the boardwalk, but elegant enough to work at a five-star resort, your daughter will feel great in this summer-ready number.

    The Peixoto Mae Skirt Set

    Sometimes, you just want to get a simple outfit that matches and looks good. That’s where the Mae Skirt Set shines. It’s a matching tank and skirt set that’s perfect for beachwear. It can be dressed up, dressed down, or just worn on its own. 

    The Peixoto Valentina Skirt Set

    Are you looking for the pinnacle of gorgeous fashion for summer? The Valentina Skirt Set is a way better option for you. This features a long, flowing skirt with a matching linen top. It’s perfect for girls who want to lounge out in the sun. It’s crisp white fabric that is carefully styled to kick up the glamour. 

    The Peixoto Mariel Skirt Set

    Parents of very young girls who want to give their child a great gift will enjoy this set. The Mariel Skirt Set features tons of ruffles, a ruched waist, and lots of flexibility. It makes for a very beach-friendly set that can cover up a swimsuit or work well for a garden tea party. Versatility is the name of the game with this set.

    How should you style a Peixoto skirt set?

    Peixoto skirt sets are excellent for accessorizing. We strongly suggest pairing these sets with a cute pair of sandals, but don’t stop at footwear!

    These cute ideas will really bring your daughter’s style to the next level:

  • Give her a cute purse. Metallic and matte neutral colors are the best options. However, the right print purse can also work perfectly well with the set. It’s all about color matching. 
  • Add some jewelry to the mix. If your daughter is a fan of chic bracelets and necklaces, this would be the best time to let her show it off. 
  • Hair accessories can also help boost the look of a skirt set. We suggest getting some faux flower clips or cute scrunchies to put together a youthful yet fun look. It definitely dials up the island vibes, don’t you think?
  • Add a coverup or linen jacket over it. If your daughter will be spending time after sunset somewhere, you will probably need to carry an extra layer of clothing. A light jacket will help make sure she’s still appropriately dressed for the occasion. 
  • Switch out the top or the bottom for a favorite piece. A lot of younger girls choose to wear the skirt from the set with a beloved tee. Others like to wear the top paired with jeans. That’s the beauty of the set: you get two pieces for the price of one.

  • In conclusion…

    Summer is here, and it’s time to bring your “A” game to the world of fashion. Your child needs to get clothes that can work for summertime events—and that includes moments when they are out at resorts.

    That’s why we are such huge fans of the Peixoto brand here. Peixoto works. 

    It’s great to see a brand that has such a great reputation extend their offerings to kids, too. At Meant2Be Kids, our goal is to bring you the best brands in luxury kidswear without all the hassle that comes with a typical retail experience. 

    Are you ready to elevate your child’s style? Do you need help picking out the right size or have a question about the brands we carry? That’s great. We have customer service reps who are ready to help pair you with the best choices for your child’s needs. So, don’t hesitate to reach out. That’s exactly what we are here for!