When you first held her in your arms, your daughter became your world. You knew she was going to be beautiful. It comes as no surprise to anyone, then, that having great baby clothes for girls is a must! After all, you want to dress her up cute, right?

We at Meant2Be Kids get it. Your daughter is your treasure. To help you start shopping like a parenting pro, we made a guide on the items your child needs according to the season.


Winter isn’t just about cold weather. It’s about getting the hottest designs to help your little one stay warm and happy. Thankfully, this is a great season for parents to bundle up their pride and joy with cute clothes. We suggest getting the following:

  • Thick Onesies. It’s chilly. You might as well get a onesie that is thick enough to keep your daughter warm. They’re the easiest way to dress her up without having to make too much fuss. We’d suggest something that looks apropos for bedtime, like this cute pink tie dye number from COZII.

  • A Jacket. You should always get at least one jacket for your baby girl, even if you aren’t the type to bring her outdoors in winter. A puffer jacket is a staple that every parent should consider, but what about lighter models? A thick faux leather jacket can be snazzy and also make a statement.

  • Bottoms. Baby girls tend to do best with pants that are hard to pull down. Of course, getting sweatpants that actually match with shirts can be difficult. That’s why most people who work in kids’ fashion suggest getting coordinated sets. It’s easier on parents and also gets your daughter the fashionable look she deserves.

  • Sweatshirts. It’s all about keeping warm. Sweatshirts and cute sweaters are great for this. Besides, don’t you think your daughter would do well with an ugly Christmas sweater for your holiday party, too?

  • Baby Boots. Babies need footwear too! Having boots will keep her little toes snuggly and warm, even when the winter gets tough. Get at least two pairs—one that she can grow into!

  • Baby Socks. Hey, kids need socks, too!

  • Hats. Cold winter winds can hurt little ears. (After all, your ears might have felt the bite of icy winds. Imagine how sensitive hers are!) A good hat with protection around her ears can help her stay safe and frostbite-free for this time of year.


    As spring starts, the cold weather tends to subside. This means that you will need to lighten up your clothing—and your daughter’s too. It’s all about getting the right balance. You can use a lot of the same items that you used in winter in the beginning, but once it gets balmy, it’s time to season up.

  • Coordinated Sets. These are great when it comes to winter, but it’s during spring and fall that they truly shine. Coords are a quick and easy way to get your little one ready for a playdate or just get her out and about. This season calls for something a little lighter, but still cozy. Maybe it’s time to get a girly spring dress set, like this one from Petite Hailey.

  • Dresses. Spring is time for Easter and a wide array of other holidays. A fancy dress is a must for special occasions. It makes sense to get a couple of photo-ready dresses for your daughter. This sundress from Angel Dear is a great example of what to get.

  • Baby Shoes. By spring, your daughter is going to need regular shoes for her daily wear. Boots will be too warm or even just plain unseasonable. Make sure to get some socks for her too!

  • Tee Shirts. By the time the end of spring rolls in, your daughter will need to get some short sleeves. Weather warms up fast, and tees are a staple of any wardrobe. We suggest getting some in single colors as well as a couple that have cute patterns.

  • Long Sleeves. It’s true. Weather can get hot fast, but it can also get cold quickly. If you want to make sure that your daughter is comfortable this season, get at least two long-sleeved shirts that aren’t sweatshirts. One should be made of thin material, and one should be a little bit bulkier.

  • Pants. Your baby girl might not be old enough to get jeans quite yet, but that doesn’t mean she has to walk around pantsless. Sweatpants and regular cloth pants are the way to go. They are stretchy, easy to clean, and perfect for time at the playground.


    If you ask many parents, summertime is funtime! This is your baby’s chance to experience fun in the sun, their first swim class, and cool vacations to far away places. So, you may as well try to dress her for success. Here are the picks you need for this special time of year.

  • Baby Sandals. Your child will need to get sandals if she’s going to go out. If your baby is old enough, you also should consider getting sneakers that can protect her if you want to go camping. Bug bites can happen fast, and so can poison ivy.
  • Baby Socks. If you have sneakers, then you are going to need socks to prevent those shoes from biting.

  • Tee Shirts. Tees are essential summer wear, no matter how hot it is. You can stick to the ones that you got in spring, or add a couple more cute designs that have a bolder, brighter color theme to them.

  • Shorts. It’s too warm to wear pants during the summer! Having at least four pairs of shorts will ensure that your daughter is well-dressed and fully stocked for a summer of fun adventures. COZII, for example, has great shorts that come with a matching tee. You might as well stock up.

  • Coordinated Sets. Sometimes, getting shorts is not enough. Coordinated sets often help parents save money when they go shopping. They also make dressing easier and can come with adorable tank tops that are designed to match. If you want to get a good coordinated set, check out this one from Pink Chicken.

  • Tank Tops. You’re not the only one who doesn’t like to feel too much fabric on them during hot weather. Picking out one or two tanks can help fill out a summer wardrobe with more beach-appropriate wear. Speaking of which…

  • Swimsuits. Even if your baby is as young as six months old, you should consider getting them a swimsuit once summer hits. This is a must if you want to go to the beach or a public pool. It also is required if you want to get into a “Mommy and Me” class for swimming. We suggest getting something from Submarine Swim, simply because you don’t want your daughter to be exposed to too much sun.

  • Wearable Towels. Once your daughter is done bathing at the local pool, you should get a wearable towel to wrap her up in. After all, you don’t want your daughter to stay wet for too long. Thankfully, they make towel wraps specifically for babies.

  • Hats. Sunlight can wreak havoc on a baby’s sensitive skin. You owe it to her to protect her from the harsh UV rays by applying sunscreen and getting her a sun hat.

  • Dresses. Like with spring, summer is a time of celebrations and holidays. It may be time for graduations, confirmations, or just family reunions. During this season, you should look for a dress that’s made from lightweight linen. Heck, even a tutu dress can work well as long as it's lightweight!


    Once fall comes around, the average daily temperature is going to drop. The days will start to get shorter, and you will need to start prepping your daughter for the next winter. Oh, but there’s still fun to be had! Halloween is around the corner, and so is Thanksgiving. The question is, how do you prep your daughter to be the best-dressed baby in town?

  • Jackets. Unlike winter, a light jacket is usually a good start for a fall wardrobe. Denim jackets have been making a serious comeback and are perfect for breezy weather. Might we suggest this cute Memphis Jacket from Micki Miette?

  • Dresses. If you remember the 2010s, then you already know that dresses and jackets are a hipster-y way to spend autumn. When it comes to baby wear, then you already know that it’ll look fun and fresh. It’s a perfect combination for those chilly days.

  • Baby Shoes. Sneakers with a pair of socks will be ideal if you want to go pumpkin picking. However, if you want to go for a pre-holiday dinner, you might want to get something a little more formal. You’ll know what to pick. Each family is different this time of year.

  • Tees AND Long Sleeves. Thin long sleeved shirts and thicker tees tend to be the go-to picks for fall wear. Since it’s fall, it’s best to go for darker colors that work with the season’s themes. This boxy 80s long sleeved shirt is a great choice.

  • Coordinated Sets. If you can’t tell, there is no way that you can go wrong with buying coordinated sets regardless of what time of year it is. You can dress them up, dress them down, and also just use each individual part.

  • Sweatpants. It’s time to get warm and cozy once more! Fall weather is perfect for lounging around in sweats, regardless of what age you are. Thankfully, this is also a good time to find the latest sweatpants styles on sale for girls of all ages—including babies.

  • Leggings. Leggings are great for fall. They offer the lightness of stockings with the coverage of pants. Oh, and they’re stretchy enough for most kids to be totally happy in them.

  • Sweaters. If you live in a colder part of the country, then it also makes a lot of sense to load up on sweaters for both the fall and winter. In areas like Texas or Florida, the term “sweater weather” probably doesn’t really happen until wintertime.

    Do babies need all this clothing?

    Yes, they do. It’s 2023, and it’s no longer okay to have kids swaddled up and shoved in a onesie 24/7. Baby clothing is one of those things that you need to see as an investment. Your daughter is only going to be this small for a short amount of time. 

    Knowing how quickly this stage of life fades, you should make a point of getting cute clothing that you can treasure for ages to come. She might not wear them for long, but this is a time when you can truly bond with your kiddo over the clothes she wears. 

    When you’re shopping for your daughter’s clothes, make sure to think about which pieces will look good in family albums. You’ll be surprised at how many photos you’ll take during these precious little years. 

    If you’re looking for clothes that look great year-round, we’re here for you.

    Finding high quality baby clothes that are perfect for your little one isn’t easy. You want to get clothes from materials that are soft but durable. You also want to get the type of clothes that you can look back on fondly, and that’s not always easy to find.

    We at Meant2Be Kids are dedicated to helping you find the best designers, the best prices, and the best fit for your kids. If you’re tired of having to deal with pushy salespeople or the horrors of cheap retail, we get it. We’re parents, too.

    Whether your kiddo is 2 months or 12 years old, we have a ton of clothing that will make her sparkle. So, don’t hesitate to take a look around.The reason why we’re so popular is simple: we make it easy for parents to keep their kids’ fashion looking stunning…without breaking the bank!