As a parent, you have a lot of responsibilities. You have to make sure your son is happy, healthy, and safe. You also have to make sure that your son is well-dressed but also capable of enjoying life in the clothes you pick for them. Retail is dying. That means you may need to find boys trendy clothing online.

In the past, boys clothing often came with a more formal touch that included materials that are hard to wash and designs that were a bit too stiff for young kids to play in. Today’s trendy boys clothing is way different. It’s built to look fun, be fun, and also remain easy to clean. 

Are you looking for a way to get those cute-as-a-button clothes for your newborn son? Maybe it’s time you take a look at the advice we have for picking out boywear online.


Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to get clothing that’s a bit larger than your son.

Baby clothes are adorable, especially when you’re talking about newborn clothes for boys. You just want them to wear those clothes forever, don’t you? However, there’s a lot of truth to the adage, “They grew up so fast!” 

Your son is not going to stay that small forever. If you want to save money on your young boy’s clothing, you’ll do the smart thing and buy clothing that’s just a bit larger than he is. Since he is so young, it’s safe to assume he’ll grow into it. 


Tip #2: Do keep a list of clothing you want your son to be gifted.

If there is one thing people love to do, it’s to shower younger boys with gifts. It’s basically one of the things that in-laws and mom groups all look forward to. Right now is the time to let people pamper both you and your son. 

Expect your family to go online shopping for boys clothes for his baptism, birthday, and every other major event. You might as well help them find boys trendy clothing online with a wish list or list of favorite brands.

Do you have a lot of friends who want to gift clothing for your sons? Awesome! A good rule of thumb is to keep a running list of cute clothes you want your sons to wear, and to have it as part of a wish list.


Tip #3: Pick clothes that are easy to wash.

Don’t ask us why, but there are certain designers who seem to be bent on trying to make clothing that is nearly impossible to clean. They also tend to be the same designers who insist on everything being a crisp white—even near the diaper area!

Admittedly, this is one of those things where you may not always be able to find something that’s completely washable. If your kids are prone to staining clothes, picking colors and patterns that hide dirt can help.

It can be hard figuring out what’s an easy wash when looking at kids clothing online, but some will have care advice that makes it easier.


Tip #4: Build your son’s wardrobe around three main colors.

Did you ever notice how “Instagram moms” always seem to have their sons’ wardrobes look perfectly effortless? It’s not just you. It’s something they do by design. The trick to this is to choose clothing that centers around three colors of your choosing—two neutrals and a regular color often works best. 

A lot of Instagram accounts featuring online fashion for kids use this trick to sell clothes. Some parents go so far as to pick clothing almost exclusively in neutral colors. That’s another way to get that classy “put together” look that also happens to mesh well with almost anything you want to do.

The idea here is simple. Most clothing outfits that look poorly put together tend to be that way because they tend to clash colors. The color clash is what makes it look awkward. By building a wardrobe around three colors or sticking to neutrals, you don’t get that clashy look. 


Tip #5: It’s okay to go for “easy clothing” when you are trying to shop for a  boy’s clothes.

When your child is 10, 11, or 12, there’s no reason to worry about being able to access their clothes. Your son will be able to dress himself then. However, when you are dealing with a boy or a toddler, things are going to be different. 

Babies and toddlers are squirmy. And sometimes, they will fight you on wearing clothing—even when you try to reason with them. The easiest way to make your life easier is to choose clothing that’s easy to put on, easy to take off, easy to secure into place, and easy to wash. 

Parents already have a ton of things to worry about. Being able to get clothes on a fussy boy shouldn’t be one of them. A decent boy clothes brand will also design around that, because let’s face it, even certain preteen boys can be fussy about clothing.


Tip #6: Remember that your son needs more than just onesies.

During your baby shower (and those precious birthday parties), everyone is going to be getting you onesies. Onesies, onesies, onesies. However, your son is not going to be stuck wearing onesies all day, nor will he be stuck getting them all the time. 

Your son is going to need more than that—pants, underwear, socks, mittens, hats, shirts, pajamas…If you are going to go shopping for boys clothes before you get gifts, stick to age-appropriate accessories and shoes. People are far less likely to buy those as a surprise present. 


Tip #7: Take advantage of special sales and programs. 

Let’s just face it: having a wardrobe of clothes is not going to be cheap, especially if you want to get those Instagram-ready shots that will make everyone jealous. To save money in these tough times, make sure that you use the following handy tips:

  • Always hit the sales rack. Even if you have a penchant for buying boys clothes at premium retailers, there will be a rack of clothes that are on sale. There is nothing wrong with trying to save money on those clothes. It’s the easiest way to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. 
  • Don’t be afraid of joining an email list or a text alert list. Many children's clothing stores will have a special email list you can join to keep abreast of the latest sales. In some cases, adding your email to the list can also get you special offers like exclusive promo codes or discount codes. You have nothing to lose by finding out what your favorite designers are.
  • Check to see if your favorite retailers and e-tailers have special loyalty programs. Some stores offer discounts to frequent shoppers and people who have accounts with them. If your favorite stores offer them, you might as well go all-in on it. 
  • Buy in bulk. This is one of those moments where buying in bulk can make sense, especially if you’re a mom of twin boys or triplets. Bulk purchases work best for things like socks and gloves.


Tip #8: Don’t be afraid of buying clothing sets.

If your boy is only enough to be able to wear pants and shirts, then you may also well get fully-made clothing sets. Many designers make a point of creating shirt and pant sets that look cute together, but can also stand up on their own. 

In a lot of cases, buying clothing in sets can help give your son a coordinated look to their wardrobe. It also makes it easier to mix and match. Parents who want to have “Instagram-ready” photos of twins can also use two sets of clothes to make two different outfits.

The bigger perk, of course, is that boys clothing sets tend to come with a hidden discount. They’re often slightly less expensive than buying each piece of the set individually. And let’s face it, parents can use every little discount they can get. 


Tip #9: Keep a drawer for special occasion clothing. 

Most parents are going to have a set routine when it comes to clothing their kids. Your boys will have a couple of go-to sweaters, you’re going to have some stuff for special days like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. A separate drawer for these accessories will make life easier.


Tip #10: Remember to keep things seasonal and size-appropriate.

When shopping for clothes, it’s so tempting to want to shop for clothes and toddler pieces ahead of time. This isn’t always a good idea. Toddlers and babies grow fast, very fast. In many cases, a child’s growth rate is not going to be predictable.

This means that trying to shop ahead of time is often a bad idea. You may want to wait until those seasons are a month away or so until you get a better bearing on how big your child is. Otherwise, you may need to return those clothes sooner rather than later.


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