One of the biggest reasons new parents love to splurge deals with clothing. Baby clothes have a certain je ne sais quoi that inspires people. When worn by your little one, they quickly melt hearts and turn into Instagram-worthy moments.

Rompers were once the stuff made for days on the playground. They were casual, made to be rugged, and designed with easy care in mind. Today’s romper is a little bit different. You can now find rompers in a wide range of designs—including major events and baby milestones.

Are you ready to discover all the goodness that having a closet filled with rompers can offer? No problem. We at Meant2Be Kids have a full guide. 

Before We Begin: When Should You Choose A Different Style?

Rompers are great. Don’t get us wrong! However, there are certain moments when it just doesn’t make sense to have your kid dressed up in a romper. These types of events are a good example of times where you may need something a bit more formal:

  • Weddings. If you have a very formal wedding to attend, the bride may not want you to bring a baby in a romper. They may get annoyed and ask you to get your daughter a dress (or son a tux) that matches with the wedding theme. If you’re not sure how your bride will react, ask ahead of time and follow her instructions. 
  • Baptisms. In many cultures, a child’s baptism is one of the most formal events that they can have. If your daughter has a baptism coming up and you’re from a culture where this is important, then you should skip the romper and just spot a dress you like. It’s just easier on every level. 
  • Formal Photos. If your family has a formal portrait coming up, then it may be better to choose a dress or a fancy suit for your little one. However, this is something that is totally up to the family rather than what socitey says. 

  • Cute Rompers (And Great Occasions For Each!)

    Now that we added our little fashion disclaimer, it’s time to talk about what your child can wear for almost any day of the year…

    Adorable Dailies!

    Let’s just face it. Babies have places to go, people to see, and playdates to play at. They are going to need to look good and also feel good in their clothing. The ideal romper for a daily outing is one that looks cute, is stretchy, and is also easy to clean. 

    If you want to go for daily wear, then go for something like the NUNUNU NU Onesie. It’s tie dye, cute, and definitely makes a splash. Better still, it looks adorable 24/7. Your little one will be the envy of parents when they sport it. 

    Special Brunch Time

    Did you get into the new trend of “Mommy and Me” brunches? If so, you already know that it’s an adorable event that also requires your child to have some cute clothing. With this trend, you want to get something that is light, simple, and at the same time, Instagram-worthy. 

    We suggest going for something relaxed and understated. The Angel Dear Muslin Smocked Romper goes with any and all accessories you might want to add. It also can work as a unisex option, if you’re progressive. Boys might want to get the Angel Dear Muslin Overall instead.

    Dinner Out And Nighttime Events

    Are you ready to go out on vacation? Perhaps it’s a nice, elegant dinner with some wealthy in-laws. If so, you might want to get a romper that can look upscale enough for a more formal dinner. Restaurants are thankfully forgiving with baby clothing, but it’s still best to err on the side of formality. 

    With these events, you want to think about how you can “youth-bend” an older look for your little one. For example, you could go for a romper with a more “grown up” pattern for a baby girl. The Angel Dear Smocked Bubble looks great for a formal dinner because it has a floral pattern.

    If you want to go for a more subtle look, you can always go for a simple single-color onesie. The hooded zip overall from NUNUNU is a good choice here—if you want your son to look sporty.

    Sporty Days Out

    In a surprise to absolutely no one, going out with family members at a sporty event or to a park is trendy. You’re never too young to enjoy some physical activity and fresh air, right? The only thing you need to make sure to do is to pick a romper that is built for a sporty outing. 

    This is one of those events where sporty zip overalls can work for both boys and girls. We suggest one that covers up a lot of skin, since both sun and ticks can be quite bad for kids who are outside. The best ones for these situations are both easy to clean and single-color. 

    Days With Grandparents

    Is there anything that melts a grandma’s heart more than seeing grandkids dolled up in adorable clothing? You may as well put a heater to their hearts. Seeing kids looking precious is a quick way to make your parents happy. 

    If you want to meet with Grandma and Grandpa, you might as well turn the cute vibes up a bit. We suggest getting cute patterned rompers that allow your kids space to play, but still dial up the cuteness. This Pink Chicken patterned romper is a great example of a romper that works on both fronts.

    Days At The Beach

    If your little one is too young to take a dip in the water, then a swimsuit might not be the best pick for them. Or rather, you might already have a small swimsuit for those adorable classes you can take together. Swimsuits aren’t rompers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a romper at the beach. 

    Rompers for the beach are best made to be lightweight and breezy, yet still capable of shielding your baby from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Perhaps a themed pattern can help make this look great for your kid. Angel Dear has a cute ice pop romper that just screams “summer celebration!”

    Slumber Parties

    Did you ever have a moment where your best friend has offered to bring a baby over to sleep next to yours? During those first precious years, slumber parties are more for the parents to “take a load off” their shoulders than they are for the kids themselves. You might as well indulge, right? 

    Slumber parties may be casual between parents of young babies, but that doesn’t mean that they are without a need for the right clothing. You might even have a good example of what to wear to this “party” in your child’s wardrobe right now: a pajama romper. Onesie pajamas are technically rompers, after all. 

    You can always jazz up a party by choosing a romper that looks cute. We suggest getting a romper that has a fun and colorful pattern. Oh, and make sure that it has soft material. Snuggly material helps babies sleep better—and gives you and your friend more time to relax!

    Instagram Moments

    Let’s be a little real for a moment. Most moms will have moments where they want to share their child’s cuteness with the world. A cute photoshoot involving your little ones always does well on social media. Besides, you want to be able to share those first moments with your family. A simple photoshoot makes it easy to do. 

    Rompers can be an amazing choice for the right photoshoot, but what you need to do is figure out what type of shoot you want to do.

  • If you want a photoshoot that has a timeless feel to it, go for a romper in a simple neutral. Neutrals are a great pick because they can look formal (especially if you choose a romper made from linen) and they also work with almost any setting you pick for your photos. A classic pick would be a beige crepe romper for a photo of your child in his or her crib. To get a more outdoorsy look, dress them up in that same romper and take a picture of them in a field with you.
  • For edgy photoshoots, pick a romper that looks sporty. A romper that’s made of “sweatpant” material with a bold print is a smart choice here. It basically oozes “future basketball star” in your baby photos. Another option would be a funky denim romper—if your child is old enough to wear denim.
  • Photoshoots centered around a specific family theme should try to match the look of the other family members. For example, if you have a golf-themed outing where you and your spouse are wearing golf gear, you might want to get a romper with a golf pattern. On the other hand, if you’re doing a retro hippie photoshoot, you may want to stick to a bold orange tie dye romper.
  • A spring photoshoot tends to work well with floral patterns. Floral patterns tend to be on theme for shoots that have a springtime feel. You can also pick a boy’s romper that has clean neutrals and pair it with a cute old timey hat. If you aren’t sure what to look for, just check out Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Winter photoshoots and holiday shoots work best with a romper that matches the colors of the holiday. Christmas shoots work well with red, green, gold, and white. Valentine’s Day is a great time to wear a pink romper. On the other hand, you can find plenty of spooky Halloween costumes in romper form, too. 

  • Birthday Parties

    Yay! Your little one made it to a year old! That’s a huge deal and it’s time to party it up. Your child is going to have a lot of fun crawling around, giggling, and maybe playing with a toy or two. So, your romper of choice is going to have to be something that’s rugged enough to handle a bouncing baby in hyper mode. 

    Birthday parties, of course, are also a moment for the mom to take a breather—kinda. Most parents are willing to give a new mom some help setting up when it’s a baby’s first birthday. So, it can be a little less about keeping up appearances and a little more about cutting loose. 

    The best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is to get a romper that they enjoy wearing, and that you don’t mind getting dirty. Even letting them hang out in their PJ’s can be a good move. After all, this is a special day for celebration. You owe it to yourself to have a little fun and not worry about clothing. 

    For some moms, this could also be a major moment for Instagram-worthy shots. If that’s the case, we suggest matching your child’s romper to the decorations that you bought for their birthday party. It brings the aesthetic together and also just makes everything look so nice!

    Seeking out the right romper or onesie?

    Being a good parent is hard. Being a fashionable parent that actually keeps their kids ready to be picture-perfect is even harder. And yet, that’s expected of parents. That’s why we at Meant2Be Kids do what we can to make shopping for baby clothes easier than ever before.

    Whether your kid is four months or 14 years old, we have a beautiful selection of clothes that will fit them well, wash easily, and also make you look like the most stylish parent on the block. We also make a point of finding brands you love at prices you will adore. 

    If you are looking for a gift for a special newborn or just want to get a new outfit for your kid’s birthday party, hit us up. We’re here to make parenting just that much easier.