Are you as happy as we are that winter has wrapped up? If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for spring, summer, and fall because of all the great outdoor activities to enjoy. There’s hiking, biking, sports teams, and also days to be spent at summer camp. 

Let’s just face it. Life is just amazing when you get to enjoy all the cool stuff that happens outdoors. So, you may as well do it up in style. But, if you want your kid to enjoy the full scope of nature and the great outdoors, you will need to get them the right clothing. 

That’s where buying kids Aviator Nation clothing can come into play. If you haven’t heard about this brand quite yet, it’s time you do. 

What is Aviator Nation?

Aviator Nation is one of the hottest outdoor clothing brands to hit the market in recent years. Unlike many other brands geared towards kids, you can get both Aviator Nation kids and adults clothing. So, it’s a perfect brand to grow with your kid. 

Noted as a nostalgia-based California design house, Aviator Nation is a lifestyle brand that is all about bringing the coolness of summer camp to the forefront of life. At Meant2Be Kids, we’re proud to sell a wide array of different clothes from this all-American brand in sizes from child to adult. 

What is Aviator Nation known for?

Many kids clothing brands don’t really have a particular theme attached to them. Aviator Nation is different, and not just because it has adult clothing in the mix, either. The brand was made in California and has a very specific aesthetic that makes it perfect for outdoor clothing: 70s gym nostalgia.

Unlike other clothing brands, Aviator Nation also bills itself as a lifestyle brand. This means that you can also expect the clothes to have a little more function built into their forms. That’s what makes this brand one of the best options for families who are heavily tied to their love of the outdoors. 

Aviator Nation is a great pick for people who want durability in their sportswear. The fabric in their clothing items is high-quality and won’t stretch or sag the way others do. Oh, and each article of Aviator Nation clothing is made in California. So, it’s an American brand to the core.

How much does Aviator Nation kids clothing cost?

This depends on the type of clothing that you want to buy from them. Kids Aviator Nation sweatpants will start at $80 and go to prices upwards of $100 in some cases. On the other hand, if you are looking for Aviator Nation kids hoodie, it could cost cost upwards of $130. 

Tees tend to be in the $60 to $70 range, while adult clothing can (including lounger shorts) can vary greatly. Of course, if you catch a good sale, you can get some pretty impressive discounts on those clothes. 

Is Aviator Nation popular among kids?

Absolutely. If anything, it is one of the most popular brands among the cool and trendy cliques of school. Heck, it’s even popular among cool and trendy adults. That’s why it’s one of the most coveted lifestyle brands of its kind. 

With that said, we always want to point out that every single child is different. It’s not just a matter of being a different size, either. It’s also about what kind of clothes they want to wear. While you always get the final say as a parent, we strongly encourage you to talk to your kids about which brands they like the most. 

Will my child like wearing kids clothes from Aviator Nation?

Kids are always happiest and most confident when they are wearing the type of clothing that they like seeing. Though Aviator Nation sweatpants are exceptionally trendy and are a classic pick among most “in crowds,” you still have to take your child’s desires into account. 

Check with your kid before you buy any article of clothing. It’s a good way to ensure that you don’t end up with a return on your hands. If your child is very picky, it’s best to ask customer service about the returns policy before you purchase anything. 

What are the most outdoor-friendly picks from Aviator Nation?

Truth be told, Aviator Nation clothing is designed for spending time in the outdoors as well as gym time. So, you really can’t go wrong with any item they make. With that said, we’re particularly big fans of these styles below.

Kids Aviator Nation 5-Stripe Sweatpants

One of the most famous designs to come from Aviator Nation is their series of five-stripe sweatpants. This features sweatpants with their iconic five stripes running down the side. The stripes are fashioned into a rainbow featuring mostly warm colors with a bold streak of turquoise.

In other words, it’s 70s glam. 

These adorable sweats are iconic and are the perfect answer for gym time. It’s a little bit of 70s and 80s camping, mixed in with the durability that you’d expect from performance clothing. It’s also worth noting that they have a separate Five Stripe collection for women. So, if you want to have a “Mommy and Me” look, this is a great way to make it happen without it looking awkward.

Aviator Nation Kids Bolt Sweatpants In Black

California cool meets glam rock with these gym-ready sweatpants. The design itself is pretty simple, but that’s part of the beauty. These sweats look amazingly good when paired with a white tank, a black shirt, or just anything that you’d expect your kid to wear to the gym. 

If you have a child who loves the idea of dressing like a rockstar, then these Aviator Nation kids sweatpants are going to make their dream come true. They’re so cool, they’ll wear them even when they don’t need to wear sweats outdoors. 

Aviator Nation Kids Aviator Nation Logo Hoodie

There is something to be said about having a hoodie from a designer that people love that also sports the logo of the company. During the 1990s and Y2K era, having a hoodie with a logo was a major status symbol. It’s not surprising that Aviator Nation would bring that concept back in a retro style. 

This gorgeous zip-up hoodie is the perfect answer for light outdoor wear that also shows your love for vintage looks. The logo is gently weathered, giving it an authentic nostalgia for a perfect jacket for those breezy days. (Can’t you just imagine hiking in the woods with your kid in this? It’s a photo opportunity in a box!)

Aviator Nation Kids Aviator Nation Logo Tee In Blue

Ooh, now this just oozes California appeal! If you are a fan of the classic surfer logo featured by this brand, then you’re going to enjoy this. Aviator Nation has a complete series of kids tees featuring their logos emblazoned on super soft fabric. 

This line of tees is both iconic and capable of suiting a bunch of different tastes. The line of tees has several colors, including pink, green, and blue. If you’re partial to one particular Cali city, you’ll also be happy to know that you can pick between Venice Beach and Malibu for city locations—though they are only available in select colors. 

Aviator Nation Kids Logo Tee Orange

It’s important to remember that Aviator Nation tends to pride itself on having a somewhat heavy focus on warmer parts of the color palette. The brand is mostly famous for its circular logo but it also has a letter-based logo that can be spotted on many of their most popular designs. 

If your child is more of a “letters” person and wants a shirt that screams summer, then it’s clear that you should get this one. The orange in this is bold and vibrant, but not overbearing. It’s perfect for summer. 

Aviator Nation Kids Bolt Hoodie

The “bolt” series of clothing is a fan favorite among followers of Aviator Nation, and part of deals with the rockstar chic look it offers. It’s a simple design that just looks effortless and stylish at the same time. 

It’s also the matching counterpart to the Aviator Nation kids sweatpants on this list. If you want to have a full matching sweatsuit, then this is a great choice. It’s made out of the same soft and warm material as the zip-up hoodie, so it’s a perfect match. 

Much like the classic Five Stripe collection, there currently is a collection of sportswear featuring lightning bolts for both adult and children from Aviator Nation. If you’re more into an “edgy” mother-daughter photoshoot or just have a teenager who wants to graduate to adult clothing,m this is a good pick. 

What brands pair well with Aviator Nation?

Admittedly, it can be hard to get an entire wardrobe with Aviator Nation. Not only is this brand pricey, but it’s also hard to come by their most coveted items every season. If you and your child love the retro-vintage-Cali vibes from this brand, we encourage you to take a look at these companies too!

Californian Vintage

If there was ever a company that could act like Aviator Nation’s best friend, it’d be Californian Vintage. This brand has the same breezy look of a supermodel kid who has just gone off to a summer camp from the 1980s. 

It’s Cali to the max. It’s vintage. It’s Californian Vintage. We suggest pairing a kids Aviator Nation sweatshirt with some of their leggings or bottoms. It’ll look incredible. 

Stella Cove

Are you heading to the beach with your kids? If so, you may want to check out Stella Cove for your daughters’ swimwear or beachside shorts. It has a similar beachy, surfer-chic look to what you’d expect from Aviator Nation kids’ sweatpants, but it’s all meant for beach time. 

With that said, we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to pair a swimsuit with an Aviator Nation kids hoodie. After all, your daughter will need to cover up and dry off after she’s done swimming, right?

Blank NYC

East Coast denim meets West Coast style with brand pairing. While Aviator Nation tends to focus on sportswear and outdoor looks, Blank NYC is mostly about denim and outwear for kids. When you combine the two, you end up with phenomenal looks worthy of Instagram or even a casting call. 

Blank NYC’s specialty is denim. Every kid is going to eventually spend a good portion of time outdoors in denim. You may as well get the cuddly snuggles of an Aviator Nation tee with the edgy look of beautifully modded denim. 


Finally rounding out our list of great brands to pair with Aviator Nation kids sweatpants, we have Molo. This brand is a great pick for luxury kids accessories that have a surfy, skate-ready feel to them—much like a lot of Aviator Nation’s brand appeal. 

Molo has a little bit of everything, though they tend to add a funkier twist to their gear than Aviator Nation does. Rather than focusing on a set color palette, Molo just makes fun accessories that are meant to act as a focal point that makes a statement. 

If your child loves Aviator Nation’s California beach vibes but wants to try something that’s a little more 90s skater, you’ll find this to be a good pairing. Your kid will like them too. 

Are you looking for Aviator Nation kids sweatpants?

That’s actually pretty understandable. This is one of the hottest kids clothing brands in America, not to mention one of the hardest to find in stores. Thankfully, Meant2Be Kids is here to make it easier to get the latest fashion trends for kids—and that includes those photo-ready sweatpants from Aviator Nation.

Our customer service, dedication to getting cool trends, and easy to navigate site make it easy for you to enjoy shopping for your kids online. Take a look at our current selection of new Aviator Nation kids clothing today.